Wildest Spring Break Videos of 2014

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As always, spring break is a much loved time for college students to go completely crazy and enjoy life. It gives them an excuse to be wild, forget school, and most of all– drink. This year there were so many insane videos from spring break and here are just a few of the wildest. I mean, who doesn’t love music, alcohol, and twerking? Check out the highlights.


San Diego State University showed they know how to have fun with their insane spring break video this year. When SDSU doesn’t rank in the top few party schools on lists, sometimes I wonder why and this definitely makes me question it even more. We definitely know how to rage here at State. Hope you enjoy this hilarious and insane video.


This is just a fun little recap from one of University Arizona’s crazy parties PIKE’s PEAK’ 14! Y0u may not count this as “spring break” but it was definitely an insanely fun party and you can’t argue with that.


Deltopia was still one of the wildest moments of spring break weekend for kids everywhere. From the rioting to the day partying, this would definitely classify as an insane spring break weekend.


“Spring Break in South Padre, Texas was crazy!” said Youtube User Alex Caplin after he posted this video of an insane weekend in Texas.

Ultra Music Festival In Miami, Florida was packed again this year. UMF TV posted this video and said, “Thank U for a great 16th edition of Ultra Music Festival Miami. This video is for you, and all the rest of the Ultra fans worldwide that attended the event at Bayfront Park Miami or viewed the UMF TV live-stream on YouTube.”


SWAT is always a spring break favorite. Who doesn’t love a weekend in Havasu? This was a promo video from before this weekend from last year, but it sounded even more crazy this year.

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