Why Our “Fear Of Missing Out” Is Causing Us Problems

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College: why do we love it? (A) It’s the first taste of freedom you have in your adult life. (B) You are able to do what you want, when you want. (C) The party scene. Of course.

Coming to college, we oftentimes have grandiose ideas of what we’re getting ourselves into. Movies constantly depict college as a non-stop social gathering of attractive people who consume way too much alcohol together. It’s great. To a certain extent, it’s correct. However, the fear of missing out on social gatherings can actually be extremely detrimental in the long run. I personally have always enjoyed going out and being social, however, it reaches a point where enough is enough and it’s time to settle down and get your work done.tumblr_nel2h3ROhY1rdfgw4o1_500

Unfortunately, certain circumstances at SDSU have increased awareness about the issue of partying too often and not holding yourself accountable for your actions. Wether it witnessing a friend’s bad night or experiencing the aftershock of an unfortunate accident, we have all have had an encounter with this issue. I know that I have had a few wakeup calls in my personal life that have lead me to realize that being social 24/7 is not the most important thing.

So what causes this lifestyle? It’s the attitude that we’re young and we have nothing but time in the world. It’s the fear of missing out on one of the best nights of your life and hearing about it from everyone else the next day. However, this constant desire to go out distracts from school and from our own self-awareness.

Now, I am not saying we should abandon partying. It’s a very important aspect of college. I’m saying that we each should take a little time to focus on what our limits are and seriously take into account how much you’re holding yourself responsible. Sometimes it takes hitting bottom to realize a change needs to be made, but if we take a few moments to slow down when we’re out to make sure we’re in control of ourselves, hitting bottom won’t be necessary.tumblr_nemv19ZmHN1u2439fo1_500

It can be hard to look at it from a responsible outlook in the situation rather than just having fun with friends, but a lot of hardship and stupid mistakes could be prevented if we do. I will agree that it’s fun to go out and have fun with friends and be crazy sometimes, but the fact many of us go out several times a week makes our habits excessive.

Next time you’re out, take just a second to enjoy yourself and the people you’re with instead of pushing your limits. Who knows, you might have more fun in the long run!

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