Why I’d Rather Be Called A “Bad Girl” than a “Good Girl” Any Day

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Recently I was in a group of six girls and three guys and they were talking about good girls vs. bad girls. The first guy said that he only dated ‘good girls’. The other two laughed and said that ‘good girls’ were just bad girls that hadn’t been caught yet. However, the guy disagreed and said that ‘good girls’ were the ones who acted like ladies, that respected themselves, and that respected the people they were with. The group of girls I was with started giggling and all  of them (besides one other girl and myself) said that any day of the week they would rather be considered a ‘good girl’ than be thought of as a ‘bad girl’.

I started really really thinking about this…. what is the difference?

When I think of a bad girl, I think of someone who is confident. I think of someone who has life experience, who isn’t afraid to express herself, who is not trying to fool anyone about who she is. I think of someone who is self-assured, who doesn’t need affirmation in order to find happiness, and who isn’t afraid to go get what she wants.

When I think of a good girl, I think of someone who is too afraid to stand up for herself and her thoughts. Someone who is not sexually or emotionally confident who needs someone else to take charge. I don’t think of someone that speaks up or is assertive.

So naturally… I asked Siri to check Urban Dictionary for me. Here’s what I got:

Bad Girl: “A bad girl is someone who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it. She’s not afraid to do and say what others only dream about. She’s looked down on as a trashy slutty drunk girl in society, but in all reality she does what everyone wants to do, she just has enough guts to do it. She’s the life of the party and isn’t afraid to put a bitch in her place if she crosses the line. People may think she’s out of control,but the truth is that she has a reason for why she does what she does, you just don’t know it. Look at that girl, shes dancin on tables, makin out with a guy, and throwin her drink at the girl who called her a b*tch, shes a BAD GIRL!

Good Girl: “A Virgin. totally innocent. Hasn’t been touched by any guy, ever. Anywhere. Never plans to, ever. // What every father forces himself to beleive his daughter is, even after increasing evidence to the contrary. // Chav girls are incapable of maintaining their virginity past the age of thirteen, it is thus impossible for any chav girl to ever be a “good girl” past this age. //Daughter:- Dad… im dating this guy and… hes really nice and… // Father:- WHAT?! I thought you were such a GOOD girl… how dare you?! ect…ect…”
Okay, whaaaattttttt????? I think I am going to re-write these definitions. But until then, I guess my whole thought is that I would rather be someone who is assertive, who isn’t afraid to speak up and share my desires and opinions. Call me crazy, but I like having a voice.

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