Watermelon Mint Salad

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The summer heat is excruciating, right? Say hello to this delicious watermelon mint salad recipe! There’s nothing like a cold, sweet treat on a warm day to cool you down. It’s refreshing, light, and the perfect way to relax after a long, hot day. Plus it’s beyond easy to create.


-1/2 a watermelon

-1 lime

-mint leaves

-melon baller

-feta cheese (optional)

-minced serrano chile (optional)


1.) Cut your watermelon in half and begin to scoop out small spheres using your melon baller. If you do not have a melon baller, simply cut the watermelon into pieces bite sized pieces. But of course, a melon baller is more fun, right? Just don’t use it gauge out people’s eyes, please.


2.) After placing your desired amount of watermelon in a bowl, grab your lime and cut it in half. Squeeze the juice over the melon and mix evenly. More or less lime may be needed depending on your taste. I personally like mine very tart.

3.) Cut your mint leaves into small pieces to top off your dish. For more of a minty taste, use a mortar and pestle to grind the leaves up to create a juice to pour on top. Mix well with the watermelon.

4.) The watermelon salad tastes so refreshing as it is, but adding a few other ingredients could spice it up a little more. Adding a sprinkle of crumbled feta on top is a yummy twist to this light snack.

5.) For an extra kick, add about two serrano chile peppers, seeded and minced. It’s oddly a delightful pairing with the feta and watermelon.

6.) Refrigerate before serving.

7.) Enjoy!



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