Victory Rolls

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Be inspired! Incorporate some old-fashioned inspiration into your modern wardrobe with this fun and flirty hairstyle. These victory rolls add a 40’s retro vibe to your look that can help to spice up your boring, ordinary hair routine. The center part rolls paired with wavy or straight hair are a modernized approached to an old-fashioned rockabilly style. 


1.) Start off by curling your hair. This look is easiest to achieve when there is some shape to your hair, but once you get more experienced, pairing your victory rolls with straight hair are a quirky and contemporary way to make a statement. Use a wand curling iron for a more contemporary approach, or go more classic 40’s with a clamp curling iron. The choice is up to you! So experiment with different hair textures until you find the type that fits your personality the best. 1305420_628009487249181_2045186215_n

2.) Hair spray your curls to lock them in place. Also apply some dry shampoo in your hair for extra hold, volume, and texture. This style works best on second day hair because there it will provide you with a better grip and hold on your hair. Applying the dry shampoo will help to eliminate any extra oils from your second day hair that can cause it to look greasy. 


3.) With a comb, section off a segment of hair from your hairline to your ear. With this small section, tease it from root to end to give it more texture so the hair is easier to manipulate. Don’t forget to smooth out the top layer to make it look more presentable.1370424_628009503915846_1021338788_n


4.) Now we’re starting to get to hard part. With your sectioned off hair, bring it around away from your face and loop it on the top of your head. Pin the base in place so it is easier to wrap the rest of the hair around. You can place your rolls closer to your center part or further away from each other–it all depends on your preference and what you feel looks best on you. Having your victory rolls closer together are more traditional than having them further away from each other. I like to place mine in line with with the arch of my eyebrow because feel like it compliments my facial structure the best.1241194_628009500582513_1951355799_n

5.) Once the base is solid in place, you can start looping the rest of your hair inside the original loop. It’s going to be difficult to get it at first, but with lot’s of practice you’ll get better! This step is quite an arm workout, but don’t give up! Though the steps sound simple, this is quite a complicated hairstyle that even I still haven’t quite mastered. Make sure to keep looping the hair inside the original base loop. Looping it around the outside of the original base won’t give it the “barrel” effect. So you can’t see through the hole in the middle, fan out the back of your hair a little bit to disguise the gap. 1208695_628009507249179_949958102_n

6.) Once it’s perfect, grab a bobbi pin and secure it directly in the center of the roll. This will hide your bobbi pin as well as ensure the security of your roll. Add more pins if you feel you need more stability. For us girls with thick hair, I would recommend pinning it multiple times. I always find that my hair gets heavy and pulls the roll down as the day goes on. 1368923_628009510582512_976859668_n

7.) Hairspray it all so it stays in place! This is an essential step for me to establish a firm hold on my hairstyle so it doesn’t move around as the day goes on. My favorite hairspray for complicated updos like this is the Tresemme Extra Firm Control Hairspray. It locks all my hair in place so my victory rolls don’t come apart during the day.

8.) Now repeat all these steps on the other side! This the hardest part of the hairstyle–making sure the rolls match equally. But don’t stress if they don’t look absolutely perfect. Just keep trying and trying until you feel your rolls are close enough in appearance to continue. This will take a couple tries to get perfect. It all takes practice! Depending on your level of skill, this hairstyle can take 20-45 minutes to do because of this complicated step. 1369195_628009513915845_625732812_n

9.) Now it’s time to accessorize! Adding some hair flowers will add to the rockablity style, while also giving it a flirty and feminine touch.1369004_628007853916011_20690463_n

10.) Once you’re done putting on all the finishing touches, it’s time to rock your hair with confidence.

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