Ugly Is Just A Feeling

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Your alarm clock screeches at 5:30 in the morning, signaling you to start your day. But you slap the stupid clock, roll over, groan, and refuse to get out of bed. It’s one of those days. Still tangled in the sheets, you somehow manage to roll yourself out of bed and into the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror, the only word you can think of is “no”. Today is not the day to feel ugly. With your hair a mess and your skin a red blotchy disaster, your morning suddenly gets even worse when you realize it’s also your time of the month. Your bloating and cramps make any outfit you try on not good enough. Either it’s extremely uncomfortable or just doesn’t even fit. Looks like it’s going to be a “beanie, leggings, and oversized sweater” day. Being a woman is great, right?  But don’t stress, ladies. Ugly is just a feeling. And there are ways to make yourself feel better again.


1.) Paint your nails.

2.) Throw a pair of fuzzy socks in the dryer to warm them up and then wear them around your house all day.


3.) Read your favorite book.

4.) Drink a warm beverage. (Tea is a personal favorite of mine, but sometimes a nice latte is all I need to satisfy my hot beverage fix).


5.) Braid your hair.

6.) Buy a new outfit and wear it.

7.) Purchase a new pair of shoes. (Remember, your feet will never have a “fat day”. They’ll always look good!)


6.) Dress up.


7.) Dress down for comfort. (Embrace the “sweatpants, hair tie, chillin’ with no makeup on” look).

8.) Listen to your favorite song.

9.) Eat your favorite food.


10.) Exercise. (Though you probably won’t even want to move at first, you’ll feel so rejuvenated and energized afterwards).

11.) Watch your favorite film.

12.) Watch a romantic comedy.

13.) Wear some lipstick.


14.) Take a long, hot bath.

15.) Buy a new perfume. (Bath and Body Works is heaven, right?)

16.) Get a massage.

17.) Do a facial. (Natural, homemade ones are the best!)

18.) Netflix.

19.) Cry. (Sometimes you just gotta let it out).

20.) Light a candle.


21.) Burn some incense.

22.) Play with a pet.

23.) Bake some baked goods. (Nothing like warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies or sweet, delicious cupcakes).


24.) Search for ridiculous things online. (Trust me, it’s entertaining).

25.) Write a “You are beautiful because…” letter to yourself.

26.) Smile.


27.) Tell yourself that you’re beautiful. Because you are.


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