Tumblr Wars Between Sororities Are Getting Intense

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Lately, Total Frat Move , has been posting about sorority Tumblr pages from across the country. Sororities across the country are battling against each other to try and see who is the “hottest”. Total Frat Move is doing a pretty good job encouraging the battle with numerous posts about the Tumblr pages (and it isn’t shocking because every page features beautiful girls!)

This battle began in Arizona when Pi Beta Phi’s chapter at U of A was featured on Total Frat Move. Basically, it’s full of gorgeous college girls at parties, with their sisters, and having a great time. a5fdd9a9ca40f24b3f818cd03fb099bb 3376997061c386d1aa1335c9d4f95f3a a81d94b2cea0cef8984220d273fab96a


U of A’s Gamma Phi Beta fired back, creating their own page which was then featured on TFM. Again, full of beautiful girls having fun with their sisters. Who could blame them, right? No one wants to be out shined and miss a chance in the spotlight and a brief night of Fraternity/ Sorority glory from having the honor of being featured on Total Frat Move.

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This insane war between girls continued to spread, Kappa Kappa Gamma at U of A then created their own page searching for a little slice of the attention as well on TFM.

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Well, that wasn’t the end. ASU wanted a piece of this battle too (who would have guessed, right? Arch rivals of U of A would want some of the Tumblr fame too!) ASU’s Kappa Alpha Theta came in with their page and was featured.

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Followed by ASU’s chapter of Pi Beta Phi (Pi Beta Phi coming in hot here!) on Total Frat Move. The guys have been loving this because, how could they not? Seriously, you have a girl war where everyone is trying to be the “hottest” and they are all beautiful.

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ASU’s Alpha Phi wanted center stage and submitted their Tumblr page which was then posted as well.

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Which was quickly out shined by U of A’s chapter of Alpha Phi. You don’t want your rival school to have a hotter chapter than you after all….

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Their page was quickly followed by FSU’s Kappa Alpha Theta. TFM posted their page and added them to the list.

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The newest competitors are coming from San Diego State University. So far, SDSU’s Alpha Chi Omega has been sharedbe46cbd3dc6adfd68f7e0ae4fb0d6355 481a4b3a5dfc90f1c8089e1d0113eaa6

However, Pi Beta Phi at SDSU is bringing a strong Tumblr game with plenty of beautiful girls that are sure to be featured on TFM and other sites covering this ‘tumblr war’ soon.

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Last to join the war was Alpha Phi at State .

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Our question is, when is this war between gorgeous women going to stop? My own sorority is in this battle and it’s getting intense! For girls, there’s something about “winning” that’s nice, but this battle is getting over the top.

So you’re probably asking yourself, “Why do sorority girls do this?” The answer is: Everyone wants to be in the hottest sorority in the entire planet. And really, who could blame them? It’s a giant war… think a gang rivalry… except with pretty girls who like makeup and doing their hair and care about where their clothes are from. This isn’t meant to be catty or confrontational or like Mean Girls where the whole concept is “you can’t sit with us” and it’s just the ‘it girls’ that get attention. This is all based on getting recognition for being beautiful and being part of an organization that people look at as being attractive. Every house is filled with stunning women so why should one house get more attention than another?

People who aren’t in houses may think it’s stupid. It’s a stupid Tumblr page to other people. But to girls in these houses, it’s a fair battle based solely on looks. Which, may not be correct or ‘right’ to most people, but it’s a giant game that everyone wants to win. It isn’t based on fitness and it isn’t all motivational and stuff, it’s all just based on looking pretty. The reason women do this is because everyone wants to be told that they are beautiful and everyone, even if they don’t say so, wants to be one of the ‘pretty girls’.

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