Thoughts On Thong Bikinis

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As a girl in her twenties, I am trying to figure out my thoughts about cheeky bikinis and thong bikinis. I personally own a handful of cheeky and thong bottoms, but there is a time and a place to wear them. We have asked fifty girls and fifty guys their thoughts on thong bikini bottoms to see what they think about them. The age rage was between 18 and 25 years old.

37 guys said they’re hot and 13 said they’re not while 28 girls said they’re hot and 22 girls said they’re not. Overall percentages? 74% of guys are into it and 26% aren’t fans of the minuscule bikinis. On the other hand, girls show that 56% of girls like the style while 44% don’t really have an interest or disapprove of them.

Here’s what they said:

Girl #1: “I don’t see the problem with them. I personally don’t wear them, but if you’re comfortable wearing them and you feel like you can rock it, why not?”

Guy #11: “I think it’s really sexy when girls who are in good shape and take care of their bodies wear them. It’s insanely hot. However, if you aren’t in great shape it just isn’t the right style for you. I just hope girls know when they can pull off a thong bikini and when they can’t.”

Girl #28: “I think they’re great because they don’t give me bad tan lines. It also is sort of liberating wearing them. They feel sexy and flirty and I think they look really cute.”

Guy #32: “I would never want my girlfriend wearing one in public, but the fact she wears them for me when we’re going swimming in our own backyards is really sexy. I think it’s great that she is confident and doesn’t see a problem wearing them.”

Girl #50: “Girls should not be wearing these. I don’t understand how people have such a lack of respect for themselves. Put some clothes on! I don’t want to see 12 year olds start wearing g-strings at the beach.”

Girl #13: “One time at the beach some random 50 year old guy took a picture of my butt while I was about to walk into the water. I think they’re super cute and tons of designers make tiny bikinis, but I feel better about wearing them around my own pool instead of in public.”

Guy: #22: “I would never be okay with my girlfriend or the girl I was dating wearing one of these. I think they’re super trashy and really hope this trend ends soon.”

Girl #15: “I hate to say it but I have a lot of friends that really should not be wearing thong bikinis that are. I personally like them, but I work out five times a week and eat really clean so I would like to think I’m in great shape. Some of the girls wearing them should just be covering a lot more.”

Guy #37: “Leave a little to the imagination and stop going naked in public.”

Guy #42: “I think they are super sexy and make girls look great. Own your body and wear them.”

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