The Things I wish I said

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things I would have said to a particular old flame of mine if I had been given the opportunity. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder what things would have been like if you had done things differently. So here are the things I wish I had said:

  • I wish I had told him that he was a beautiful person.
  • I wish I had also told him that sometimes he wasn’t right.
  • And that it was possible for him to be wrong.
  • I wish I told him that I liked the way he laughed.
  • And that sometimes he really did crack a funny joke.
  • Or that it was cute the way he talked a lot when he got tired.
  • Even though he thought he was annoying.
  • I wish I told him that I like the way he thought.
  • And that sometimes it would have been nice if he shared those thoughts with other people in his life besides me.
  • I wish I would have told him that he was smart.
  • And that I really did learn a lot from what we talked about.
  • And that I was glad he challenged me intellectually.
  • I wish I would have told him to ask me harder questions.
  • That I wish he had learned something deeper about me, something that wasn’t taken for surface value.
  • I wish I had told him that it was nice the way we watched old movies together.
  • And how he always let me lay closer to the screen so I could see.
  • And that even though we never slept and were grumpy in the morning, we had the best pillow talks.
  • I wish he knew that sometimes he was an asshole too.
  • And that sometimes he shouldn’t be so blunt.
  • I wish I would have told him that I didn’t like the way he thought nothing was good enough.
  • I wish I would have told him that I actually was good enough to be with him.
  • And that I wasn’t crazy for explaining myself.
  • That I wasn’t a bitch for defending my opinion or my honor when I was accused of something.
  • I wish I would have told him that he wasn’t always doing the righteous things
  • That sometimes gossip isn’t worth ruining a relationship over.
  • But these are the things that I didn’t say.

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