The Reason We Love Jay Alvarrez & Alexis Ren

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The world has fallen in love with Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren. #RELATIONSHIPGOALS is all most people have to say. But we’re wondering why. So we decided to ask around and see what people had to say about these two love birds.

Sneak Peek at Our Survey:

Amy K. says, “The first time I saw the California video I couldn’t help but feel like I was missing out on life a little. They’re both gorgeous people and do amazing things together. Who wouldn’t want their life to look like that?”

Gavin C. says, “It’s a dope video. It’s overrated though. He dropped out of school when he was 14, she dropped out when she was 16. They just travel the world and wear swimsuit lines for companies now. It’s a pleasured life of a successful model I guess. It’s not obtainable for normal people.”

Mark P. says, “I don’t know who wouldn’t want her as their girlfriend. Damn.”

Kayla W. says, “It’s what we all dream about. Traveling the world with the person you love and having someone show that much affection towards you is something that people think about all the time, but rarely get. These videos show amazing and exotic vacations, a romance people wish they could have, and a sense of freedom and youth that seems to slip away from a lot of people.”

Devin L. says, “I wish I could have that life. I want a boy to take me around the world and wake me up after I nap in my bikini with a pillow fight… *sigh*”


Youtube users say:

“Meanwhile in my shitty apartment eating ravioli out of a can in my underwear” -Scott

“If I had her figure.. . I’d probably wear a bikini buying groceries at the supermarket..” -Jess

“Money can’t make you happy 0 – 1 Jay Alvarrez” -Marwen

“All girls writing relationship goals are clearly thirsty for a rich guy lmao” -Cassey

“This guy did it all himself through his career and friends from networking. Instead of being sour about his life, go out and accomplish something yourself. Especially if your’e from California you can do like 80% of the stuff he does here on a normal paycheck.” -Samuel

“Meanwhile, in Africa, children are dying of starvation.” -Richard

“I get sick watching people getting paid for stuff like this and then thinking of my parents who work their butt off every single day…

Our thought:

It seems to be that the consensus about the videos is that it is a life of freedom and youthfulness that not many get to experience to this extent. The couple seems daredevilish, carefree, unhindered by school or responsibilities, and completely in love with one another. The cinematography aspect of it on Jay’s end catches intimacy in the fullest extent with a private look at their life together. Plus, they’re hot people.  However, they do not live the same type of lives most people live and some people are very bitter about this. People- Go live your lives and enjoy what your town has to offer. You may not be able to skydive on the regular, but you can do some pretty amazing things with a normal budget.

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