Signs You’re A Side Chick

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  • He doesn’t call you before nine. Sorry babe, but it looks like he’s really only in it for some fun. If you really like him, this is probably your first sign that it’s not going to be a happily ever after.
  • He is nowhere to be found on holidays. Oh it’s Halloween? You have plans? Christmas eve? Plans. New Year’s? Plans. Valentine’s day? MIA completely… Giiiirrrrlllll this boy probably has plans for Veteran’s Day and April Fools Day too!
  • You aren’t affectionate at all around his roommates/ friends. If he doesn’t want to cuddle with you on the couch, sit really close to you, hold you hand, etc. ever in front of his friends and roommates after you’ve been hooking up for a while, you probably aren’t that important to him. If he can only be cute in the bedroom, it’s probably because he’s not into you like ‘girlfriend material’ into you.
  • You only go out and do things on weeknights. What’s Saturday night for? Getting dinner for your man. Unless he works at a restaurant every single weekend night, if he’s not taking you out, he’s probably taking his main chick out. If you’re getting dinner on a Wednesday, he probably has better plans on Friday and Saturday.
  • If you do meet his friends ever (which most side chicks don’t) you are strictly friendly around them. He’s not introducing you as anything but his friend. Ouch.
  • PDA of any sort is not a thing. If you can’t kiss your guy in public without him going ape sh*t or you can’t hold his hand, you’re definitely just a sidekick. Any guy that is sleeping with a girl and is really into her would hold her hand in public if she wanted to.
  • He’s always too busy to hang out. It’s only when it’s convenient for him. What do you think he’s doing the rest of the time? Sleeping. Noo. He’s got better things to do.
  • He’s not into labels. Well, if he really liked you and wanted you around as his one and only girl, there would be a label. Or at least a long conversation about exclusivity. If he’s not doing that, it’s likely you’re 99.9% not the only girl in his life.
  • He still has a Tinder. He’s using this to get with other sidekicks.. like you! “I just never deleted it” is a bad excuse.
  • He never wants to have sleepovers. He always has to wake up too early or has too much to do or complains he won’t be able to sleep. If he’s sneaking out before you’re getting up in the morning or he’s out the door right after sex, he’s probably going to sleep with someone else.
  • If you do sleep over, he’s rushing you out in the morning. He doesn’t want you sticking around for breakfast and coffee, he wants you gone. Even if that means walking home in your LBD from the night before.
  • He’s constantly texting or on his phone. Again, probably because he’s talking to his main girl.

This is just for fun… in case you’re still wondering if you’re a sidekick…

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