Sexy Comes In Every Size: Plus-Sized Sports Illustrated Photo Shoot

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The Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover was recreated by these lovely women, who are all plus-size! The point of this? To show that all women have bikini bodies! You don’t need to be a size 0, 5’7 or above model with a tiny waist, thigh gap, and flat stomach to rock a bikini. It’s important for all women to feel comfortable in their own bodies and to want to flaunt what they’ve got! This shoot really showed that it’s important to rebel against the ultra skinny bikini models and stars shown on covers like Sports Illustrated because these women all look stunning in these bathing suits as well.  Those Sports Illustrated girls aren’t the only ones looking hot this summer at the beach!

Sponsored by plus-size swimwear brand Swimsuits For All, the company sought assistance for their cause from fashion bloggers, regular women, and models alike. It was all to show that being sexy is not decided by the size of your waist or your breast size.  These photos demonstrate how any woman can look beautiful- stunning even- being themselves and feeling comfortable in their own bodies.3531 4714 r3a4412 r3a0088 6166_v1 r3a2360 5963 5670_V11

Plus-size models Robyn Lawley, Jada Sezer, Shareefa J and plus-size fashion blogger Gabi Gregg rocked bikinis at the beach to show that curves are smoking hot and that gorgeous women come in all sizes. 

Sezer, 24, said, “I think there needs to be more publications and campaigns so that people can say, wow, I look like these women, and they look comfortable and sexy and they’re portraying my body type.”

Swimsuits for All is a swimwear line that is geared towards providing swimsuits for all women. The line is stunning and we bet all of you will be just as obsessed with it as we are! Their calendar is available at Swimsuits for All website. The video footage above is from this wonderful shoot!

Each and every body is a bikini body. No matter if you’re a size 1 or a size 10, all women have the right to feel beautiful in their bodies and their swimsuits. Promoting a healthy body image is a great step towards moving forward in society and being accepting of all body types.r3a0198 r3a2883 0828 3366 1395 r3a4204 cos-02-swimsuits-De r3a1241 cos-03-swimsuits-De r3a1931 r3a4994 r3a5340 0515 r3a2883 r3a2558 r3a2726 r3a0198 r3a3076 cos-01-swimsuits-De

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