Sex Is Important, But It’s Not Everything

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Let’s admit it; It’s so easy to be in a relationship and focus on nothing else besides intimacy. When you meet someone, it’s normal to have a honeymoon period where all you want to do is stare into each other’s eyes and tell the other person that they are your moon and your sun and all of your stars, and then to have lots of sex. Whatever. That’s cool. However, at some point in time you’re going to realize that there is a lack of emotional connection and that the intimacy you’ve developed your relationship on is interfering with your emotional growth and connection with this human.

Make an effort to open yourself up during discussions. Make an effort to get out of bed together and get out of the house and do something. Go on a little road trip. Go to the beach. I bet once you put some pants on, you’ll figure out something that’s equally as fun as rolling around in the sheets and actually create a memory with this person you’re with.


It sounds crazy, but sometimes talking actually makes you closer to the ones you love. Create intimacy in both a typical sense as well as with your emotional connection. What’s important to you? What are some of the funniest moments you have? Share them. If you think about your relationship make a little mental checklist of all of the things that you know about the person you’re seeing and things that you’ve never thought to ask. If you can’t even think of what their favorite color or some life aspiration they have, you’ve got a problem. But good news, it’s fixable. You can always work on the things that need some help.


Steps to take: invest some time in getting out of the house, take a moment to ask them something you don’t already know about their life, make sure to kiss long and kiss often, hold their hand, smile, laugh, be silly together. Who knows, you might find a best friend in this person. That is what makes relationships beautiful! When you are able to call someone your love and your best friend, it’s a truly unique thing. I think more relationships need that kind of love.

Twenty-two and ready to live life! Viv attends USC and plans to graduate with a degree in Finance as well as Journalism. This pretty lady is also in love with working at animal shelters on weekends, going green, and spending her days doing yoga. You could say she is our eco-enthusiast.