Save Water, Shower Together. Why Shower Sex Is F*$&ing Great

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I personally love shower sex. I think it’s great. I understand that for some women, it is a torture device pushed on them by their men who have this super sexy, steamy fantasy about how great and sexy it is to shower with a woman. I talk to my girlfriends about my sex life all the time and I am a pretty confident person, but I am by no means perfect. So– shower sex. Let’s talk about it. 

I’ve had shower sex both casually and with a serious partner and I’ve done it more times than I can count because I think it’s awesome. I will admit that it can be awkward at times depending on the person you’re with, the space limitations, etc. etc. etc.  I must say that out of 10 times for an example, 8 have been very successful shower sex experiences.

If you have a shower with good water pressure, a tankless water heater with all the hot water you want (HEAVEN ON F*$&ing EARTH PEOPLE), and a shower that is big enough realistically for two people that maybe even has one of those cool little tile shelf seats in it, you’re golden. I must say, that seems to be my ideal shower sex situation right there (+ a sexy man who is adventurous and strong and knows what the hell he’s doing). However, regular showers work too and it doesn’t have to be all that fancy. Although hot water really does work wonders. 

It’s way sexier taking a shower with someone else because you have got great company and it can be really sexy being naked and wet with someone you think is attractive. If you have a smaller bathroom, running the water really hot before you get in steams up the room and adds a lot of steam– which is warm!! It’s nice because if one of you leans up against the wall and the other stands in front at first you’ll both be under the water. Shower heads do move after all, you know. If you have a super tiny shower, washing your hair and such can be awkward because you have to trade off rinsing off your hair, but for the sex part of it, there are plenty of positions that allow you and your partner to be all warm and cozy at the same time. 

You do it for the experience. Shower sex is one of those things that you do to say that you did it. It’s fun and hot and it always seems to be a good idea. Yes, it will not be as great as being in a queen sized bed with a down comforter and memory foam pillows, but it’s a fun bonding experience to have with your partner. Having sex standing up is not impossible at all. Bend over girlfriend, it’s not that hard. It’s like doggy style but you’re in a shower with some hot, sexy man who thinks you’re beautiful and likes the fact your hair is all wet and not perfect. You don’t really have shower sex to fit taking your normal shower and having sex into one time frame. Women and men do have different shower schedules, but it’s more for the sexy experience than the 

I will acknowledge the issue of slipping and being way too dry. Unfortunately, shower sex can get slippery. Make sure your man is holding onto you ladies. Guys, try and use the wall as support or something. If you eat sh#t then we both do. I’m not trying to have a shower scene from 500 Days of Summer or something where they rip down the shower curtain. Water also does not act as a great lubricant… at all…. there definitely needs to be some foreplay. Last little tip–if you’re doing the whole let me get you all clean and soapy thing before, make sure you rinse all the soap off… getting soap up there is not a very pleasant thing.

Another little note, if your man wants you to go down on him, bend at the waist. It’s so much easier than getting down on your knees in the shower. That’s just a little harsh on your knees. If you are flexible enough to do it, it’ll be way hotter for him and will save your knees a world of trouble. Be open to new positions too, sometimes you have to get a little creative with your positioning. If your bathroom is super bright, shut the lights off and light some candles. It will be way less awkward for you. 

Another nice thing about shower sex ladies!!!! YOU DON’T HAVE THE BACTERIA THAT COMES WITH HAVING POOL, JACUZZI, OR OCEAN SEX. Getting UTI’s and yeast infections for example happen way more commonly with pool or jacuzzi sex because of the bacteria. Lucky for you water lovers out there, you can have all the fun you want and avoid the pain afterwards.

Go have fun and save water! Shower together. I hope you won’t regret it. 

Hello everyone! I'm nineteen years old and attend UCSB where I am studying journalism and plan to receive a minor in communications. I am a photography enthusiast and love living by the beach in IV.