Prom Clutch Essentials

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Nails, check. Hair, check. Dress, check. What’s missing? Your purse. But your clutch is so small, how are you going to fit everything you need inside? No way are you going to bring your bottomless tote to prom. Hello, social suicide? Don’t worry, your itty bitty clutch is the perfect size to fit all your necessities for your special night out.

1.) Powder/Compact Mirror/Blotting Papers. You’re tearing up the dance floor, busting out those moves you’ve been practicing, but of course your makeup is practically melting down your face. Touch up with Estee Lauder Double Matte Oil-Control Pressed Powder 03 Medium to keep your skin oil free throughout the night. The best thing about bringing a pressed powder is the compact mirror inside. So instead of bringing both a mirror and a loose powder, you killed two birds with one stone and saved tons of room. Many girls are fans of blotting papers like Clean & Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets, 50 Count (Pack of 2), but I find these aren’t necessary, especially if you don’t want an overflowing clutch. If you prefer blotting papers over powder, don’t hesitate and throw them in! You can use them on your eyelids and lips as well. But remember when you’re heading off to the restroom to touch up your makeup, surprisingly, toilet seat covers are great alternatives for blotting papers (just don’t choose one of the top ones). So if space is tight and there’s no room for your oil absorbing sheets, no worries! Toilet seat covers, as gross as that sounds, do the job perfectly.


2.) Lipstick/Lipgloss/Lipstain. Sometimes I wonder how my lipstick manages to disappear throughout the night. How ever it disappears, it does. To touch up after your pre-prom meal or post-prom kiss, throw in your lipstick/lipgloss. These are fairly small so they don’t take up much room. An alternative to lipstick or lipgloss is the beloved lip stain. Lip stains like Maybelline New York Superstay 10 hour Stain Gloss, Mauve Dream, 0.35 Fluid Ounce last longer than most lipsticks, so reapplying throughout the night isn’t a hassle!


3.) Bobby Pins. Thankfully these barely take up any room, so you can just throw them in and be good to go! For emergency hair touch ups, these pins do wonders.


4.) Bandaids. You’re wearing your heels all night, dancing up a storm, and your feet are in unbearable pain. Quick fix with a bandaid to protect your blisters! Bring about six bandaids to play it safe, just in case your blisters become uncontrollable (three on each side–two for the sides of your toes, 1 for the heel). They’re so thin that you can easily slip them into the side pocket of your clutch.


5.) Cash/ID/Card. It’s after party time, and what if there’s an emergency? Or what if your starving and decide to kick it at the local Ihop at 2am?  Thank goodness you came prepared with cash/credit card and your ID. What would you do without those delicious pancakes?

6.) Mints/Gum/Breath Strips. You managed to devour an entire bowl of garlic pasta before prom, and my goodness it was delicious. But yikes! Garlic breath? Don’t scare away your date and pack some mints to freshen up your breath. Gum and breath strips all do the job perfectly. Don’t ruin your special prom kiss and come prepared!


7.) Mascara. So your eye makeup is practically melted off and you’re a mess. Don’t worry about it. Apply a fresh coat of mascara to open up your eyes, and suddenly everything looks perfect again! Mascara is my savior in times like these because it can complete any look and tie it all together. Some mascaras like Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash Mascara A Little Bit BADgal Lash 0.14 oz come in super small tubes, so they’re so easy to throw in your tiny clutch.


8.) A Condom. Hey, it’s prom. Who knows what’s going to happen at that crazy after party? If it does or doesn’t, just stay safe and pack a contraceptive. Pack it in the zipper pocket of your purse or sandwiched between your cash and ID so you aren’t given any uncomfortable looks when your teachers are doing bag checks. How awkward would that be?

9.) Phone. Bringing your cell phone is a given, right?

Enjoy your night out, Cosmia Girls! This is your special night to enjoy with your guys and gals before you graduate. So come prepared and have a good time.

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