Photographer Makes Out With Strangers Before Photographing Them: See The Results

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Photographers are always looking for the new interesting thing. Jedediah Johnson, a Indiana-born photographer based out of Chicago decided to put on red, Cover Girl lipstick before making out with strangers he had met on the streets, out on the town, and in bars. The vibrant lipstick smudged and smeared across model’s faces makes for an interesting campaign.jpg

He calls it The Make-Out Project.  The array of subjects he has photographed ranges from men to women to even babies. As soon as he finished kissing the model, he reaches for them and photographs them with the lipstick smudged across their face. He began this series three years ago according to Beautiful Decay. He allows anyone to participate.

It’s an interesting look into how people experience emotion after they engage in an intimate moment where they are expressing affection. They share an interesting and intense moment and Jedediah was able to capture the emotions these people experience afterwards. The photos express their thoughts and feelings in a simplictic and artistic way.jason_raw Screen-Shot-2014-07-14-at-1.28.30-PM ailsa_s_final_edition stephania_serious makeout_with_my_baby amber_2_raw anda_c_final_edition Screen-Shot-2014-07-14-at-1.26.45-PM jesse_raw 27_year_old_me Screen-Shot-2014-07-14-at-1.29.05-PM hilly_raw sammie_raw bj_month Screen-Shot-2014-07-14-at-1.27.50-PM erica_t_raw Screen-Shot-2014-07-14-at-1.26.27-PM Screen-Shot-2014-07-14-at-1.27.29-PM since_her_birthday faby-2 alicia_raw karin_s_final_edition natalie_m-edit Screen-Shot-2014-07-14-at-1.28.49-PM

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