Perfect Spring Pendants

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What do an LBD, a trench coat, and a personality all have in common?  They’re essential to a woman’s wardrobe.  And now I would like to add the pendant necklace to this list of necessities.
Yes, I know, chokers and Grecian armor-like breast plates are on trend for spring right now, I read the magazines.  But I cannot stress the importance of a dainty and demure pendant.  I simply want to share my jewelry experiences with you, in an attempt to prove that pendants are perfect!  I’ll begin with a little background into why I am such a huge fan of small jewelry.
The first reason I prefer little to no jewelry is simply comfort.  Let me be clear, I am one of the lucky ones who are not actually allergic to any metals; I just can’t stand the constant movement of ill-fitting, snagging, clanking jewelry.  I know I sound crazy, but hear me out.  I happen to have very curly hair, which invites the perfect opportunity for jewelry to swoop in and get embarrassingly caught in the web.  I have had to excuse myself from a table with my hand ungracefully attached to the top of my head, just to find a mirror and battle to retrieve my appendage.  Even when I’m not moving earrings always manage to covertly attack by getting tangled in my mane.  Bracelets are the worst offenders in my mind; I still have yet to truly find peace with them.  They’re all too big for my wrists, leading to accidental trips across the room when I overzealously tell a story.  Don’t even get me started about heavy necklaces.  The weight and prospect of sweat are enough to steer me clear of them.  So, until recently, I can honestly say I hated wearing jewelry.
Aside from the personal struggle of constantly getting bracelets, earrings and rings stuck in my hair, certain jewelry can be annoying to those around you.  This leads to part two of my love of demure necklaces:  they work in any situation. Think about it, they do not scream for attention, they make no noise, they don’t constantly need to be adjusted.  This is why I quite enjoy thin bracelets and rings, but unlike these items I find the pendant necklace to be a far more alluring and feminine accessory.  The pendant necklace is adaptable to any situation.  It pairs perfectly with an evening ensemble, and dresses up jeans and a tee.  It can be worn year round without weighing you down and adding bulk.  Pendant necklaces are classic and thus eternally classy.
Now let’s move on to ways of finding the perfect spring pendant for you!
1)      When buying a pendant necklace I recommend making the piece personal.  Whether it be your birthstone, the first letter of your name or simply an image you admire, it is far more interesting to have your belongings mean something.   Also, if you’re buying your pendant separate from your chain, make sure that any metal used matches the color of the chain it hangs on.
2)      Find a metal or material that best suits you and your wardrobe.  If you have a warm skin tone and most of your clothing has gold embellishments, go with a gold, rose gold or bronze chain.  If you have a cool skin tone or clothing with silver embellishments, a silver, bronze or platinum chain may be best for you.  Keeping in mind that you may like more than one metal, buying a few extra chains in a couple different colors can keep your options open.
Now let’s say you’re allergic to all the metals above, or really don’t see yourself wearing a chain, it is completely okay to opt for other materials.  Cords, leathers, thin ribbons, etc., are all valid and unique ways to tie back your favorite pendant.
3)      Make sure to try on the chain and check that the length is comfortable and will work with your wardrobe.  There is nothing quite as distracting as having a necklace fall under clothes and into cleavage.  The piece is hidden and it draws attention to your inability to judge length.
4)      Buying antique or vintage pendants can be a really simple way to add interest and value.  It makes a statement and recycles something that may have otherwise been discarded.  The items that stand the test of time tend to do so because they’re good pieces.
5)      When in doubt DIY.  Invite friends over and make a day of it.  Bring twine and chains and things to hang on them.  Look for inspiration and simple tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest.  Make great memories, learn something new and get a new accessory to wear around that reminds you of your friends.
If you’re still having a bit of trouble finding the best necklace for you, take a look below at my spring necklace wish list.
 Good luck! Snap a picture of the jewelry you’re wearing for spring and make sure to hashtag it with #cosmiamag and tag me @cosmiamagazine, so I can take a peek!

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