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Eyebrows are a feature often forgotten, but are actually a very important attribute which can change up or enhance your look. (We’ve all seen those pictures of celebrities with their eyebrows photoshopped out and eek it’s scary!) Think of your face as a picture and your eyebrows as a picture frame. Though the picture itself may be beautiful, adding a picture frame can help further enhance the picture’s beauty. The shape of your eyebrows brings out your face’s structure, intensifying the protuberance of your cheekbones as well as other features. A prominent brow can draw the attention upward toward your eyes, as well as balance out your face’s architecture. Thankfully I was blessed with naturally thin shaped brows and have no need to alter their appearance. But others of us were gifted with a thicker set. Bold brows are a chic trend that you can totally embrace this fall. Beautiful bold brows are seen on celebrities like Cara Delevinge, Kiera Knightly, and Lily Collins, and are very easy to recreate for all you beauty beginners. If you have thinner brows and wish to recreate a different look, a full brow can give you a more youthful yet dramatic appearance that provides an exceptional framework for the rest of your makeup.

1.) If you are keeping your natural brow, try touching it up a little bit to make them absolutely perfect. Embrace the unique and youthful shape of your eyebrows by not forcing them into an unnatural form. A straight brow can be dramatic and bold, but if you desire to add more shape, try giving your eyebrows a faint lift at the arch while still keeping it’s length. Do so by cleaning with tweezers, waxing, or getting your brows threaded. Don’t go overboard on tweezing, and never ever tweeze above the brow or the ends! This can disrupt the dimensions and natural shape. A little tweeze to enhance the arch or remove stray hairs from in between the brows can do wonders for your look. Waxing and threading can be quite painful, but from personal experience, threading is a little cleaner and more bearable. Everyone’s preference is different and just depends on the person. Many may not even need to pluck or alter the shape of their eyebrows!

TIP: If you find that your skin is feeling irritated and red from plucking, waxing, or threading, dab a small amount of Witch Hazel or after waxing cream to soothe the irritated area.

2.) If your eyebrows are already thickened and dark, then you can skip this step. However, if your eyebrows have uneven patches or are too thin, you should take this opportunity to fill them in. Pick either a brow gel, pencil, or powder that matches your eyebrow color (not your hair color). Gently feather the product in from the inner corners toward the arches and finish your eyebrows at a point. Avoid drawing a thin line of makeup to mimic an overly arched eyebrow. Reassess the shape of your eyebrows and determine any changes that need to be made. For you beautiful blondes with light colored brows, perhaps opt for a tinted brow gel rather than a pencil or powder. Usually they are packaged in tubes with brushes which resemble a mascara brush. These are very easy to apply because all you have to do is lightly brush it in the direction of your hair growth. This smooths it down and adds some extra weight. If your brows are all finished and ready to go, you can also apply a clear brow gel to set everything in place.

Those two steps are really all you need to know for the basics of a beautiful brow set. So whether you want to define your eyebrows or simply enhance their natural abundance, these steps to maintaining a defined brow are quite simple and easy to retain. In fact, it’s actually kind of fun!


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