Packing Your Purse: Day vs. Night

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I am that girl that carries her entire makeup collection, a five course meal, and her pet cat in her purse. If you need it, I’ve got it. So when I have to scale down and opt for a smaller purse, it’s difficult to decide what I need and what I actually NEED. So here are the items that I pack in purse for day and night occasions.


1.) Travel Perfume. Okay, so you’re out and about on a hot summer day and you realize you smell like a homeless person. You have your mini freak out and wonder if anyone else noticed, but then you realize you stashed perfume in your purse. Problem solved. The sample roll on perfumes that you can get from department stores are small and easy enough to carry around in your purse without taking up too much room. Plus they’re free, right? Travel sized body sprays like from Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works are a little bit bigger but tend to have lighter, fresher scents.

Pacifica Brazilian Mango Grapefruit Roll-on Perfume. 

2.) Cellphone. Does this need explaining?

3.) Concealer Stick. This is my life savor and I never ever leave the house without it. If your makeup has melted or a blemish suddenly appears that wasn’t there this morning, you’ve got an easy fix.

Bobbi Brown Face Touch-Up Stick.

4.) Earbuds. So you hate the world and everything in it and you would like to avoid the creepy guy on the bus. I’m pretty sure that’s why they invented earphones. Plug ’em into your phone and listen to some spicy jams to make time fly.

Sony Ear Headphones.

5.) Sunglasses. I like sunglasses for two reasons: so I’m not blinded by the light when I’m driving and when my makeup just looks so awful that I need something to cover it up. Just want to look cool? Done. Have a hangover? Not anymore. Want to avoid eye contact with your ex? Pft, easy.

Kate Spade Livia Cat Eye Sunglasses.

6.) Pressed Powder/Compact Mirror. The great thing about pressed powder is that they usually have a mirror built in. So if you want to check to see if you have lipstick in your teeth, or powder your face if it’s feeling dewy, I always find having pressed powder with me is a must.

Clinique Stay Matte Pressed Powder.

7.) Wallet/Cash/Cards/Keys. Well you can’t do much or go anywhere without your car keys and wallet.

8.) Lipstick/Chapstick. Touch ups are essential when you’re out and about!

NYX Nude Matte Lipstick.



1.) Cellphone.

2.) Cash/Cards/Keys. Sometimes I have to ditch the wallet to save room in my itty bitty bag.

3.) Pressed Powder/Compact Mirror.

4.) Lipstick/Chapstick.

5.) Concealer Stick.

6.) Eyliner. For nights out, my makeup is usually a little bit darker. So if I have heavy top liner or a deep smoky eye, I always find it nice to have a pencil liner handy for touch ups in case my makeup starts to run throughout the night. A small pencil liner doesn’t take up too much room in your purse either.

Stila Smudge Stick Eyeliner.

7.) Bobbi Pins. To fix your undo or pick some locks, bobbi pins are great items to throw in your bag before you go out.

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