Orange Is The New… Red?

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I’m refraining from making any references to Orange is the New Black in this post seeing as the focus is on the striking orange-lip trend. I had my doubts in this trend’s lasting power, only allowing myself to walk out of the store with one shade, but I’ve been proven so very wrong seeing as I bought that product over a year ago and still get compliments on the impactful shade.

Now, I’m convinced the source of the mandarin movement goes back to Lime Crime’s reputable range of colors that veer out of the “wearable” category, with orange probably being the most justifiable; although the company is probably responsible for only a portion of the overall crusade.

Apart from my theories and speculations, I’ve conducted a fair amount of research with a goal in mind: to break down what it is that pairs each skin tone and the perfect shade of orange.

Keep reading to figure out how to seamlessly slip into the trend!


The Initial Break-Down:

For those of you with warmer undertones, focus on gravitating towards lipsticks with more of a yellow base to accentuate that radiant bronze that seems to exude from your skin.

To compliment cooler undertones, navigate your way around all of those loud, duckbill oranges and fall in love with something in the coral family, leaning into the range of red. These shades will compliment your undertones without a heavy contrast that will run the risk of drawing attention in a negative way.


Now to elaborate:

While still abiding to the principles stated above, those with lovely and fair complexions are free to broaden their horizons to some ‘true orange’ lacquers in addition to lighter pastel shades that are a sure-fire investment.

Those who have perhaps managed to acquire a (healthy!) tan this summer are rewarded with the freedom to drift into the brighter portion of the orange spectrum. So, as long as your shade of choice is darker than your natural lip color, you have free range!


Deeper complexions look radiant with a sheer pop of color, so thoroughly examine your local store’s inventory of colored balms, lip butters, and glosses. For opaque shades, your skin tone will be most complimented by brick based color formulas ranging into the red family.

But really, the truth of the matter is that there is a secret to ensuring your purchase—all skin tones, regardless of undertone, can pull off a sheer swipe of this vivacious color. Run free with that tid-bit.unnamed-3

Whether you already have a collection brewing or you’ve been waiting for some further insight before making the plunge, let it be known that orange really is the new black… or red.

Ah, now I’m pushing it.


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