One-Night Stand? Here’s How to Move On With Your Day

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Waking up in the morning after a drunken night out is not fun to begin with. Now, waking up in bed with some guy you met last night drunkenly at the bar or party is worse. No matter how spectacularly gorgeous you looked the night before, you always manage to wake up in the morning with 1/3 of your mascara under your eyes and no foundation on (of course.. that’s the part most people want here), your hair is a mess, you wish you had a toothbrush, and you’re wondering why you wore that itsy-bitsy body con dress and wedges out last night.

Waking up next to someone you completely don’t know (okay, maybe not completely..) is not cute- there are no pancakes waiting in the kitchen or good morning kisses or ‘hello beautiful, how’d you sleep’ kinda comments that we all love so much as women when you’re sleeping with someone you know. While you’re fumbling around his room wrapped in a cheap bed sheet still searching for let’s say, your: bra, keys, pants, underwear, phone, purse, and maybe a mint, you try to do is as gracefully as possible. Walk of shames are the worst, but even worse than the honks from obnoxious college boys on your stroll home, the immediate roommate inquisition when you step foot in the room is probably worse.


Tip #1: Get up quick- dear God, please do not run through his room ripping apart hampers and going through papers on his desk to get your s*$&, do it gracefully (well, as gracefully as humanly possible).

Tip #2: Once you get out, go take a shower (you really need it, trust us).

Tip #3: Think about it– you used protection, right? If you didn’t or you’re questioning it, go get Plan B at your local pharmacy or something. Emergency contraceptives are over the counter (not usually to cheap, but much less expensive than a child with diapers and a crib and daycare). Also, if you’re worried about it or have any questions, being on the safe side and making an appointment for STD screening is never a bad call. It’s better to be safer than be sorry in the long run. tumblr_mdhe45R8K11qdq5dlo1_500

Tip #4: Do yourself a favor and keep your purse packed for things like this in the future and just for nights where you’re going out. There are some essentials you really need that we’ll share below.

Tip #5: Figure out what it means to you. Don’t cry and eat Ben & Jerry’s and don’t tell everyone in your phone book about it, but think about what it means to you. Was it empowering? Do you think it took away from your power when it comes to your sexuality?

Tip #6: Remember you’re not a bad person for having a one-night stand.


The purse essentials:

A purse: You want something small like Coach Parker Signature Wristlet Wallet Case for iPhone Bag 49471 Black to keep everything in. You don’t want to be losing anything!

Your Phone: Always keep your phone in your purse, there’s nothing worse than losing that in the morning

Cash: It is so important to have extra cash in your purse for a cab ride home or whatever you need in the morning.

Makeup Remover: There is nothing worse than having your makeup all over your face, take a tiny bottle of this with your in your purse, it is super helpful.  Mini Dual Action Makeup Remover – For Eyes & Lips – Travel/Sample Size

Sunglasses: Hangover + being embarrassed… sunglasses are necessary. We love these Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer RB4105 601/58 Black/Polarized Gray 54mm Sunglasses because they actually fold in half so they are super small.

Phone charger: Bring a phone charger. You are going to want it if your phone is dead and you desperately need to charge it to get a ride home or something. Go use it in a starbucks or something just to make a call! 6Ft USB Sync Data Charging Charger Cable Cord for Apple iPhone 4 4S 4G 4th 3 3G 3GS Gen iPod Touch Nano (Does not support All iPads)tumblr_m7crl90R0n1rzyt2xo1_500

Tide To Go: Just in case…. Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Liquid 3 Count

Extra Underwear & Bra: This may sound stupid, but hey, s*$& happens. Keep these rolled up in the pocket of your purse. They may be a lifesaver. Victoria’s Secret PINK Lace-Trim Lingerie Thong Panty – Black Medium and Anemone Women’s Lace Bralette (2 Pack).

Compact Ballet Flats: These are awesome for walking home from a bar or club too. They roll up really small and are great for walks home so you don’t have to be rocking your heels for the second time. Solemates Midtowns Scrunch Foldable Ballet Flats with Carrying Pouch

Dissolving Breath Strips: Toothbrushes and toothpaste are too big, these are easy and small.  Listerine PocketPaks Dissolving Breath Strips – Cool Mint Flavor – Pack of 24 Strips

Condoms: Keep yourself safe, even if you’re on the pill it’s important to use protection. Remember, you don’t know this guy! Keep yourself safe. If he doesn’t have any, you’ll have backup. Trojan Condom Stimulations Ultra Ribbed Lubricated, 36 Counttumblr_mu7x333c0A1r238sko1_500

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