Meet Our Staff


Kaitlyn Oudt- Editor in Chief

Hello everyone, it’s Kaitlyn Oudt! I’m the founder and Editor in Chief here at Cosmia Magazine. I’m currently an undergraduate student at SDSU where I am studying Speech Language Pathology. I am part of Pi Beta Phi here in San Diego, have my own photography website called Kaitlyn Photography, and love to write. I am a coffee fanatic, love the beach, adore mom & pop breakfast restaurants, and think a picture is worth a thousand words.1938008_708029509247178_669003133_n

Gabriella Scaringe- Writer

I’m Gabriella Scaringe and I’m one of the dedicated writers here at Cosmia Magazine. Being a fashion and beauty fanatic, Cosmia is the perfect place for me to share my love of clothes, makeup, and hair with world. Showing girls how to be more confident in their skin is something I deeply value, and I strive to promote that message through my articles. For more inspiration about fashion and beauty, check out my Youtube channel at:


Bree Kish- Writer

My name is Bree Kish and I’m 18 years old. I adore shoes, Criminal Minds, and chai tea. I’ve been a signed model since the age of 14 and continue to model to this day. Modeling, dance, fashion, and writing have been immense creative outlets for me. Feel free to contact me! Xo


Instagram: breekish Twitter: bree_kish




Christina Olivia- Writer

I’m a nineteen year old, Southern Californian, professional designer and makeup artist, who is currently pursuing the finer things in life (art, food and travel). Here are some others things that are mildly interesting about me: I am trying to learn Italian and live up to my surname. I will eat almost anything. I have two closets, and I’m working on a third. I collect books and magazines (and apparently closets). So if you ever need someone to eat exotic food with or to translate an Italian magazine, I’m your girl. You can contact me here: insta @binkyoliva Ciao!


Lauren Pak- Writer

My name is Lauren, a floating free spirit and wishful world traveler originally hailing from sun-kissed southern California. Everything has a story, especially clothes! I hope to draw out the stories hiding in the folds (literally and metaphorically) of fashion. I am an absolutely avid proponent of sustainable fashion for a cause, and I can’t wait to share my secrets on how to dress-to-impress in a socially conscious manner with DIYs, thrift finds, and wellness tips through Cosmia Mag!! Instagram: lo_pak

375093_289750434495409_646033281_nJules Larsen- Writer

I’m a seventeen-year-old, (nearly) six-foot-tall professional model and full-time high school student in Southern California. Apart from writing, studying, and modeling in the LA area, I enjoy philosophy, film-making, acting, and singing. I’m always on the search for something new, whether it’s art, music, film, fashion, or travel. I love people who can make me laugh and I’ll always be fascinated with the candy-coated artificiality of suburban culture. I can’t stand the possibility of not living my life to the fullest it can be, and I think that the truth is the most beautiful thing in our world.

1779942_832757240074915_223439730_nCaitlin Corbin- Writer

Fashion and writing are more than just passions for me – they are a lifestyle, so I am beyond enthusiastic to be one of the Features Writers of Cosmia Magazine. I currently attend Parsons the New School for Design studying Design Management in the Big Apple. For any of my successes, I have coffee to thank. In the future I would love to be a creative director of a fashion house, fashion editor, or Disney Imagineer.

1606879_502816019831408_1539649893_nChloe Feller- Writer

Chloe Feller is one of our writers here at Presh Life. Chloe has many articles in our self-love section. She is very active in the social justice and feminist communities. She is also an aspiring actress. Feminism in her opinion allows women to have strength and confidence within themselves to pursue goals and dreams.

1006271_10200261542726225_477340325_nAlice Bawden- Writer

San Diego State University student with a passion for writing and enjoying life! Alice is always the life of the party and is our resident flower child.

537134_10202704766836430_1832876334_nJessi Pontillas- Writer

Hello there! I’m Jessi Pontillas and one of the lovely writers here at Cosmia Mag! I currently attend UCLA, where I get to study, dance, and meet people from all walks of life. I have a soft spot for those perfect sunny days that often occur in SoCal and love everything outdoors! I love all things fashion and beauty, as well as sharing my own lifestyle tips on my blog. I’m so excited to share my knowledge with you all through Cosmia! Feel free to say hello!
Twitter: jessipontillas

1506715_802091199805107_1979139934_nEmily Salkovitz- Writer

Cosmia’s advice guru! Emily is studying Psychology at San Diego State University where she hopes to earn her masters degree in psychology and help young adults through difficult times in the future.

1186247_716083525075275_852027641_nEmily Cavagnaro – Writer

My name is Emily Cavagnaro, a Design and Management student at Parsons School for Design in New York City!

10168193_727030087317813_4748601014405412944_nAlexea Malaletkin- Writer

I’m Alexea Malaletkin, currently residing in Southern California where I waste weekends either on my couch or at concert venues. I currently work as an editor for my school newspaper and will be majoring in either journalism or English language this fall. I am a food, internet, and rainy day enthusiast with a fervor for makeup and fashion. I draw a lot of inspiration from art, music, and movies– all of which will most certainly make an appearance in my work here. Keep up with me on Instagram (malaletkin7) and Tumblr (

17a2df87f5cf7aff11c51db12dc40a83Vanessa Marin- Writer

Fashion fanatic, coffee connoisseur, and lover of the finer things in life! Living life every day to its fullest and writing about it.

1236873_606476789392999_746247211_nSierra Simon – Writer

San Diego State University Student in the Pi Beta Phi Sorority.

660aaafc324aa6935dc0fecb3b9d6fc2LilyAnne Rice- Writer 

LilyAnne enjoys loudly singing showtunes when no one is home and sometimes when they are, short walks on the beach because she’s afraid of the parking meter running out, and collecting video-game related bumper stickers to put on her station wagon. One day she hopes to make a career of posting funny pictures of cats, but for now she’s going to try this writing thing.

10429426_656641621072504_1171907233736237385_nSophy Denault – Writer

New England born and raised, with no affinity for the tundra-like temperatures. Currently an undergraduate at San Diego State University, studying International Security and Conflict Resolution.