3-D Makeup Printing: The Makeup That’s Not Made Up

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Here’s the thing – probably the craziest creation to hit girl world has just happened. Think about it, what is one thing that us girls can not seem to live without? Whether applying, reapplying, or researching the next best product, it goes without saying that makeup has become a girl’s best friend… maybe even a slight obsession. With so many ads and newly improved formulas, the problem is no longer how to apply something (there’s tutorials for that thanks to YouTube). Rather, it exists as a question of quality, also known as the product’s brand and cost. Grace Choi knows this. In fact, it is this question that has led her to create “Mink,” a 3D printer that acts as the ultimate beauty weapon.

While studying at Harvard business school, Grace began to think about the beauty market and each of the products that it produces. After researching questions such as “What makes lipstick A different that lipstick B?”, she found that the basis of most makeup consists of a similar composition. Many times, the only difference between A and B is its variety of colors, name, and packaging. The printer Mink uses the same FDA-approved ink that makeup companies use, mixing it with other materials such as powder or cream. The result is a ready-to-wear product which matches the exact color that you were thinking of!



Here’s How It Works:

The mini 3D printer will initially begin selling at $300 and can be hooked up to any computer in the same way that any other printer connects. No new software is needed.
Pick a color from anywhere, such as a website, a YouTube video, photo you took (such as a photo of your friend’s enviable lipstick or eyeshadow), etc… then drop the hexcode for the color into either Photoshop or MS Paint. Able to print lipsticks, powders, cream, foundations, and more in a convenient way that offers an endless selection of colors!
The cost will be much lower than purchasing brand name makeup. Grace points out that the reason products are so expensive is because of markup. With Mink, the cost is broken down into two parts: pigment and raw material.  To learn more, head on over to youtube and listen to Grace, herself, explain what Mink is all about! P.S. – She performs a demo that is so totally amazing!



Reasons That You Are Allowed To Add This To Your List Of “Needs”:

It is literally the Sephora that you have dreamt of some day owning. There are no lines, no crowds, and no cashiers because it is located in your very own home and falls directly into the palm of your hand! Forget about the word “indecisiveness!” With the ability to choose any, and I mean ANY color that you want, you won’t have to say, “I think that is the color” – you will just KNOW.


My name is Emily Cavagnaro and am a student at Parsons The New School for Design, majoring in Design and Management. As one who is living in an amazing city such as New York, I am able to share many great experiences that I can only hope will inspire all of you! Email: emilycavagnaro@aol.com Insta: em_cavagnaro