Makeup Isn’t a Mask, It’s a Pedestal.

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Here’s the breakdown: makeup started out as a substitution or illusion of fertile characteristics—we’ve all taken biology, you can stop giggling—from flushed cheeks to more pigmented lips that increased the attractiveness of a woman and convinced men that she was capable of bearing child. That is the solid, irrefutable origin. Not that God gave us MAC and the villagers rejoiced, the rest being history.unnamed

However, times are changing (another irrefutable fact). The era of the woman is rolling and fully equipped to knock down any high and mighty assumptions that suggest we don our “war paint” with the sole intention of attracting a mate, thank you very much. I personally source this new perspective to our knowledge of the subconscious “necessity” or purpose. Now that we know why we wear it, now that the secret is out, doesn’t mean we’re less inclined to slather on foundation or sculpt out our cheekbones. Or turn our pretty earned dollar into a product with even prettier packaging. In fact, I suspect that this is the reason that black lipstick is becoming a ‘thing.’

Because the secret is out.


We’re not fooling anyone anymore into believing our false lashes are real or our eyelids really are a deep shade of burgundy. So why not swipe on a dramatic wing or highlight your prominent features to a peak that mountains would envy? The intention isn’t to make a man believe you are the best option to reproduce through anymore. All the more reason to paint your lips blue!

So why do we wear makeup if it no longer serves this purpose? Makeup has been reinvented; it’s an art form, a spotlight, an expression of personality as it’s never been before.

Makeup isn’t a mask, it’s a pedestal.

unnamed-2Not to say a woman’s confidence decays when she finds herself maneuvering her way through the modern world bare faced and purely honest. It’s just like taking a writer’s internal dictionary—their vocabulary—and cutting it in half. Thus concealing her method of expression and leaving her with a loss for words. Surely it stunts her external appearance but it doesn’t steal her outspoken mind. There’s just no proper way of conveying it. Same goes for the personality of a woman who expresses herself through bold brows and bright lips. The energy is still there, but her favorite lipstick is what yells at strangers, “I’M FUN,” because God knows she won’t.

True confidence is derived from honesty. Whether that entitles you to paint your face unrecognizable or enables you to roll out of bed and into your daily venture, so be it. Whichever you feel appropriately manifests all that you feel others should be aware of within you.unnamed

I'm Alexea Malaletkin, currently residing in Southern California where I waste weekends either on my couch or at concert venues. I currently work as an editor for my school newspaper and will be majoring in either journalism or English language this fall. I am a food, internet, and rainy day enthusiast with a fervor for makeup and fashion. I draw a lot of inspiration from art, music, and movies-- all of which will most certainly make an appearance in my work here. Keep up with me on Instagram (malaletkin7) and Tumblr (