Lighting Up Your Black Friday

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One a scale of one to rioting-over-$2-waffle-makers, how hard do you Black Friday? Whether you have a foolproof strategy, a method that…works, or have yet to test your ability to body check a fellow shopper into a shelf of something hopefully soft; here are a few tips to find yourself relatively unscathed on November 29th.

Plan Ahead:

You know what’s worse than waking up at ungodly hours to wait in frigid air outside of your local retailer? Doing all of this only to get inside and realize they have nothing worth buying. Did you just cringe? I think I did. Your best bet is to do some research before dedicating your three-hours-of-sleep reserve energy into the annual activity.

Get an idea of places you want to go. Or better yet, things that you want and the places that you’ll most likely find them at! Get a feel for what kinds of deals and product will be up and running the day after Thanksgiving by doing a quick search on Google for ‘Black Friday Ads.’ This will bring up what retailers are expecting to be some of their greatest sales this year as well as things that you, like others, most likely want.

Don’t Fall For the Deals:

This is more than likely going to be your biggest concern the second you walk through the doors at 4 am. You’re going to see bright colors and massive signs reading, ‘buy one, get 18 free’ and you’re going to convince yourself that it’s not a deal you can pass up. But this is commercialism. People are paid more money than you have to spend to make you believe you can’t live without something.

And so this goes back to the last tip, get an idea beforehand of what you really want to get for you and your friends while these deals are up and running. Stick to this list. If you go in with a clear mind, you’re bound to make better decisions and be less affected by the frenzy.

Dress Comfy:

Be comfy, be warm. It’s not any warmer at the front of the line than it is at the back, so make sure you really bundle up if you’re in the crowd of people trying to pry the doors of Target open before midnight. “Warm” depends entirely on your weather, but most definitely consider layering up. A parka is a grand idea for curb sitting—lesser so for launching your being over a half-price bin.

Hopefully these tips help your Black Friday be a little more memorable in a positive, spirit of the season kind of way.

If not, there’s always Cyber Monday.

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