Kylie Jenner Claw Nails: Why We Love Them, Hate Them, & How To Get The Look

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Long nails. You either love ’em or hate ’em.


Reasons why we love ’em:

1.) They’re super chic yet edgy.

2.) They make your fingers looks fantastic. (They elongate the lines of your fingers, making your hands look dainty and feminine)

3.) They’re on trend.

4.) You can use them as letter openers!

5.) You instantly become a back-scratching guru.


Reasons why he hate ’em:

1.) Putting in your contacts hurts like heck.

2.) Poking yourself in the eye while blending your concealer is inevitable.

3.) Manual labor? Yeah, no.

4.) Typing will take some getting used to.

5.) As will putting on your clothes in the morning.


Functional or not, Kylie Jenner’s stiletto nail game is always on point. So if you’re a fan of this long nail trend, here’s how to get a similar look:


1.) If your nails are naturally long, you’re halfway there! File your nails to a point by placing your nail file at a diagonal on one side of your nail. Do this to both sides until you have a nice almond shaped tip.

2.) If you have short nails, it’s an easy fix! You have two options: grow your nails out or purchase a fake pair. Obviously fake nails are the easier option, right? Head over to your local CVS and pick up Kiss’s 100 Count Full Cover Nails. Glue them on your nails and shape as you please. Or, head online and purchase a pair of stiletto nail tips like these instead to skip the nail filing process. Easy as pie.

3.) Now for the fun part! Once your nails have been shaped, it’s time to paint them. If you’re using your natural nails, apply a nail strengthener first like this one from OPI so your nails maintain strength and don’t break. Then, grab a piece of tape and position the corner in the center of your nail at the tip of the free edge. Press it down firmly to ensure there are no gaps. The purpose of the tape is to create a clean pointed french tip shape at the end of your nails. Once you have applied the tape to all your nails, it’s time to pick your nail polish color! Choose a jet black and go for a mysterious look like in Kylie’s most recent Instagram photo of her sporting her new blue do. Or, go for a more classic Kylie look by sporting a chic red tip nail. Once you’ve picked a color, lather it onto the tip of your nails. It’s okay to go over the tape–that’s what it’s there for. It’s to ensure you don’t get any color on the center of your nail bed.

4.) Now wait for your nails to dry. Read a book! Check your Instagram!

5.) Once dry, peel off the tape. You should have two clean, straight lines. Touch up with a Q-tip and nail polish remover if needed.

6.) Apply OPI’s Top Coat  all over the nail for a shiny finish.

7.) Repeat on the other hand.


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