Kickass Outfits for the Girls Who Don’t Need a Man

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Yes, Valentine’s Day is approaching. For some it’s a day of celebrating with their other half, and for others it’s a reminder of how terribly lonely they’ll forever be. For us ladies celebrating “Single Awareness Day”, don’t feel discouraged! Who said we need a man (or woman) to be happy? We’re confident, independent, liberated young woman, and it’s time we start dressing accordingly. So here are some badass outfits for you edgy ladies looking to kick some ass this Valentine’s Day.

1.) You’re sophisticated. You’re intelligent. You’re chic. Play off these attributes by grabbing a chic pair of trousers, because hey, who says he always has to wear the pants in the relationship? Pair them with a bustier top to add a hint of sexiness and accessorize with a pair of statement earrings and classic pumps. This outfit is great for going out on the town with the girls, or if you are in a relationship, going to dinner with your beau.


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2.) For that wild girl with a quirky edge, grab your favorite flared party dress. Here we paired a flared midi skirt and a zippered crop top for a similar appeal. Contrast the volume in the skirt with a fitted motorcycle jacket for a casual yet edgy approach. Dress down the girly silhouette with a pair of platform boots. A bold look like this is great for going to a party.


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3.) Go naughty but nice with a feminine look that has an unexpected edge. The pleated circle skirt adds an ultra girly vibe to the look, but keeps it looking edgy with the leather fabric. Contrast the leather with a pair of lace socks and mary-janes. The cutouts on the crop top will keep your look bold and sexy. Don’t forget your favorite circle sunglasses to complete the black on black look. (Black can be just as sexy as red for Valentine’s Day).1616691_702186146498181_1207868224_n

Get The Look: Skirt:’andie’_faux_leather_skater_skirt:638821&cm_pla=bottoms:women:skirt&cm_ven=Google_Product_Ads&mr:referralID=2a694f96-8bb5-11e3-9f1f-001b2166becc Top: Socks: Shoes: Sunglasses:

4.) You’re a laid back gal without a care in the world. Who needs a man? Not you! Play off your “I don’t care” attitude with a cute pair of overalls or destroyed denim boyfriend jeans. Pair your denim ensamble with your favorite band t-shirt and comfy beanie. A flat pair of boots, winged eyeliner, and black sunnies will tie together the casual look. This outfit is perfect for lounging around with friends, grabbing ice-cream and a movie, or snatching up a quick bite for lunch at your favorite casual fast-food joint. (Nothing says love like stuffing your face with fries, right?)


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So go out, break hearts, kick ass, and show the world the bold and daring girl you are. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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