Investing in Naked

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It’s the season of splurges! No, stop that. No denying it. We all want to say that this is the year we will really stick to our budgets, but why bother when you can put all of that energy into picking out your inevitable purchases?

Simmer, simmer, I don’t actually believe that. Budgeting is key… always. But the next best thing is investing, which is a complete justification for splurging. There’s no buyer’s remorse in investments seeing as you’ve hopefully done your research, comparing and contrasting products, until you are satisfied by your settlement.

I considered talking about tips for investing in products but the truth is that it’s easier said than done—I could whisper in your ear every day for a year about the beauty of dupes and versatility, but I’m not too sure what kind of impression that would actually make. No, I’m going to focus on something specific and simply help you make a worthwhile decision without making you sacrifice anything for it!

And that focus this time around would be the glorious range of Naked palettes from Urban Decay.

There are almost too many to choose from, all eliciting an equally strong groan of frustration over just how amazing they are. A few deep breaths later, maybe we can resolve what the best palette is for you:

unnamed-1The original Naked Palette:

Nobody knew what this would be the start of. The Naked palettes are on their own tier of hierarchy in the world of makeup palettes, but it all started with this one. Urban Decay started strong, don’t be thrown off by the title, this is a palette of bold neutrals; ranging from a pearlescent white to a shimmery gold to a navy blue. Out of the twelve shades, only two are matte. When it comes down to it, I would just describe this as a palette of warm-toned neutrals. All of these palettes work on every skin tone, but this one would probably compliment fair skin the most out of the three. It would also do wonders for blue and green eyes due to the warm-tone range.unnamed-2

Naked 2:

The follow up of course was a palette of cool-toned neutrals. I’m not going to lie, while the first is stunning, Naked 2 has to be my favorite. This strikes me as a true neutral palette, most shades having a taupe undertone that create a truly natural look. Naked 1 is the kind of natural that the makeup counter artists at Macy’s slapped on your face for your first dance as a tween, you know? At your age now, you know you can rock that smoky eye look, but if it’s still not your style, I would recommend the second edition of the palette. This one ranges from a matte cream shade to a taupe-y brown to a straight black, with three matte shades. I see this one best complimenting medium complexions or my gals with olive skin tones thanks to the taupe undertones. Brown eyes would take on a whole new shine with this palette!unnamed-3

Naked 3:

Rose gold. Honestly that’s all you need to know. All shades have a pink undertone with a champagne highlight shade to a deep, burgundy looking shade as the darkest. This is probably the greatest stretch from a “neutral” palette, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Are you über feminine? Well, here you go! I didn’t mean for this to go in order, but maybe Urban Decay did… This palette looks absolutely stunning on women with darker complexions. It would pair excellently with every eye color, really. Maybe leaning a little bit towards blue and green eyes again. I say that cautiously though because I don’t want anyone tearing their beautiful brown eyes away from this product!

tumblr_nf06v8BmAF1rji74do1_500When it comes down to it, the formulation on all three is to die for. Buttery, pigmented, and long-lasting, why wouldn’t it have the popularity that it does? However, being around $50 in just about any retail store, they are most certainly a splurge. I killed it, I know, I’m sorry. I made you look at pretty things and then laughed in your face, it won’t happen again.

In fact, there may be a dupe article to come…

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