In The Name Of Fall

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The best day of the year is determined simply by when I can turn the air conditioning off because I’m too cold. After 3-4 months of never being cold enough, moving from side to side to keep up with the oscillating fan, I basically welcome any hint of fall with the biggest bear-hug I can muster. This one is homage to my fellow fall enthusiasts and a potential conversion piece for those wincing at the thought of full-length pants—You’ll be ok.

Here are three accessories to fall that not only minorly define the season but keep the excitement alive in light of getting darker a bit earlier.





Lip Colors: Whether it’s because we’re officially sick of any bright colors that grace the color spectrum for because we associate darker colors with colder nights (donning them as a modern, non spiritualistic form of a rain dance) fall has always been linked to vampy colors, especially on the lips.

Now take everything I’ve just said and put a big red “x” through it. This season is revolving less around the shade of ‘oxblood’ – not to say that you should throw your collection out!—and more influenced by shades of berry, if you’re more inclined towards your deeper pigments that is. Not so much? Well then I have amazing news for you! Rosy pink hues varying in brightness have invaded fall previews, meaning your favorite baby pink is here to stay; and it makes sense! Why match your gothic-inspired lips to your low-in-saturation fall uniform when you can make a contrasting impression? No longer shall the lid of your Pumpkin Spice Latte be smudged with plum.




Candles: Bath and Body Works seems to have made a recently updated name for themselves based solely off of their fall-inspired collection of candles. They’ve already launched a bit of a preview (boy, do they know what the public wants) and I went ahead and stopped by to “have a sniff around”—quoted directly from the enthusiastic salesgirl. In no way was I disappointed; first recommendation being Spiced Pumpkin Cider. Personally, I’m not a fan of anything overwhelming. For the fall I’m constantly on a search for something that will add some warmth to my living space—but here’s the catch, I want to be able to breathe. This fragrance fits all criteria with a base scent of pumpkin-apple cider. The warmth comes from a hint of ground nutmeg, but the fruity scent is then revived by a note of Clementine. I’m so on board.

Then we have the candle that I will always consider an innovation, regardless of how many times I see it done: the 3-layer candle. Bath and Body Works has a fall-dedicated edition, respectively titled “We Love Fall.” This candle features past autumnal favorites such as “Sweater Weather,” Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin,” and “Pumpkin Apple,” burned in layers so you essentially are getting three for the price of one!



Bold Jackets: I can’t emphasize enough the value of a statement jacket for the fall. Go get one on a treat yo’self day or as a celebration for earning a paycheck or for eating a little healthier or for finishing another season ofArrested Development. Clearly you’ve earned it!

A bold jacket can mean anything so long as it gives you a little skip to your step as the weather forecast steadily declines. Invest in one with a bold hue, a lively print, or even a unique cut. Do some research and keep an eye out for the colors of Fall 2014. I’ve been seeing tons of pictures of the runways featuring deep greens, dusty pinks, and crimson/berry tones.

Determined to get more bang for your buck? Why, of course you can keep it neutral! Hone your focus in on black, khaki, or a charcoal gray (I’m a fan of the latter) and focus on the cut to make the statement for you with longer hems and structured colors or broad lapels. The best part? $30 is likely to get you exactly what you’re looking for!

I'm Alexea Malaletkin, currently residing in Southern California where I waste weekends either on my couch or at concert venues. I currently work as an editor for my school newspaper and will be majoring in either journalism or English language this fall. I am a food, internet, and rainy day enthusiast with a fervor for makeup and fashion. I draw a lot of inspiration from art, music, and movies-- all of which will most certainly make an appearance in my work here. Keep up with me on Instagram (malaletkin7) and Tumblr (