Good Girls Vs. Bad Girls

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There’s a delicate balance between good girls and bad girls. There are some of us women that fit into one category and some that fit in the other. Myself? I fit in the ‘bad girl’ side of things I guess you could say. I’ve come to wonder if men prefer good girls or bad girls. I think there’s an argument for both sides.

A Good Girl: She walks into your house wearing a sleek, dry cleaned skirt and kitten heels. She is the type that owns cardigans, laughs when expected, will blush at any compliment, and expects men to open the door for her. She’s more likely to be very religious and more likely to be prude. Good girls are the type that pack a toothbrush for the night, expect to cuddle in bed and their man to bring them breakfast in bed, and are the type that bend at the knees for their men. Good girls are the ones who look at men all doe-eyed like Bambi who don’t have the same sex appeal. They get attached easier, have longer lasting relationships, have a preserved innocence. They’re the girls portrayed in movies as wearing cotton panties and being walked to the door for their good night kiss. She is someone your mother will approve of.

A Bad Girl: She is independent. She walks in wearing what she wants no matter the occasion. She is a risk taker. She is the one that gives men wild dreams, that needs to be pursued, that knows what she wants and how to gets it. She is the type that makes her own decisions and can be more strong willed. She has her own voice. Bad girls are the type that bend at the waist, that like to please but do not allow their men to be self-indulgent and self-pleasing. They require attention. They know how to flirt, they know what pushes your buttons. They know that they’re sexy and how to use their charm in their favor. They are spontaneous and voice their opinions.

tumblr_nf9d1ymYRy1r7eta3o1_500What are the perks of good girls?

  1. She is someone you can bring home to mom.
  2. She is loyal
  3. She is nice
  4. She is a people pleaser
  5. She is someone people like to be around
  6. She is not a risk
  7. She still has a great deal of innocence
  8. She is a great companion, mother, friend, and confidant
  9. She hasn’t had as much ‘experience’ in bed.

What are the bad things about good girls?

  1. She can be boring
  2. She isn’t likely to fight back
  3. She is ‘vanilla’
  4. She isn’t as good in bed
  5. She enjoys comfort over spontaneity
  6. She gets more emotionally attachedtumblr_nf27lcDNkV1tlvam1o1_500

Guys like good girls because they are more likely to stay by your side no matter what. She wants to be there to listen to you rant about your bad night and to hold your hand when you’re having a bad day. She will do anything she can think of to put a smile on your face. She is in touch with her emotions and can be a very good listener. She hasn’t been around as much as you most likely and she definitely will not be putting you in a bad decision when it comes to your health. She doesn’t have as many moves as bad girls, but that’s not to say she is bad in bed. She just might need some work. She’s also not as likely to be adventurous. These girls are the cool girls that are easy to hand out with and are really good friends to have. They’re sociable and can be very good hosts. She is the type that enjoys spending time with you and genuinely communicating with you. She loves to take care of others often times and has good intentions for your relationship. Usually good girls have strong morals and values. These are all great attributes, but she can be boring and lack luster. She will most likely want to be cuddling at home on Saturday night instead of out exploring. She’s also probably going to be the girl that dresses more conservatively and looks very plain compared to bad girls. Good girls usually like minimalistic makeup and being comfortable when they’re getting dressed. The other negative thing is that she will not be adventurous sexually most likely. She is the missionary type instead of the adventurous type.

tumblr_m9p66pjznA1rrux7ko1_500The perks of bad girls?

  1. She is sexy
  2. She is adventurous
  3. She highly enjoys sex
  4. She is exciting
  5. She keeps things interesting
  6. She is honest
  7. She allows you to be spontaneous
  8. She is mysterious
  9. She brings out all the desires you shut away

The downsides of bad girls?

  1. She has been around
  2. She can be selfish
  3. She is unpredictable
  4. She is not one to settle
  5. She can get bored
  6. She can be dangerous and involved with the wrong crowd


Guys like bad girls because they are exciting and challenging. They are mysterious women who know what they want and how to get it. Let’s be honest– bad girls are hot. We all know it. They’re the type of girls that walk around like they own the place, that are confident in public with men, and know exactly how to pick guys up instead of the latter. They’re the girls people want to get to know because men want to be with you and women want to be friends with you. They get attention. They’re the target of a lot of gossip and drama because of jealous women, but they handle it well. They give men better stories to tell. Bad girls are the type that crave sex. She is the type that is spontaneous and adventurous not only in life, but in bed as well. She is experienced and shares her moves, but she understands how to make men feel unique and special in her presence. She will try anything once and enjoys experiencing new things. There aren’t games to be played, just fun to have. She can be refreshing and she is something new and unfamiliar. She is a socialite who men can bring around the boys, she can hang and likes to meet new people. However, to your dismay she may be uncommitted and unable to fill your need for a relationship. She can be untrustworthy due to the conception that bad girls sleep around a lot. She wants to do her own thing and usually doesn’t want to become too attached. They’re the girls your mother will usually hate and will break your heart because you will become more attached than they will. They are the girls who do what they want when they want. They are the girls that know they are desired by men. She thinks of herself a lot, but they want what’s only best for them. They need to be wooed. They don’t just give it away. She may not have a perfect group of friends. Bad girls are sexy and like to make themselves look good. She will tell it to you straight and won’t sugar coat her feelings. She owns her personality and her outspokenness. They take care of themselves and want to look as good as they can just because. They also know how to say “No” and how to not take people’s shit.

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