Friend Drama Is The Worst Thing Ever.

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When I think of a perfect day with my friends, I think of lots of things. Hanging out at the beach drinking Coronas on the sand and laughing about whoever gets sunburned. Drinking a bottle of wine and watching Bachelorette together. Going on a shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret and then eating Cheesecake Factory after and splurging on Chicken Marsala AND S’mores cheesecake all in the same night. Going out. Having an awesome time. You get the point.

No where in this awesome description is the word “drama” or the concept of arguing. Girls do stupid things sometimes. They say really really dumb, mean, hurtful things and it isn’t fun arguing with your sister from another mister… with that said…. we do it more than we should. Why do we bicker at each other? Who knows. But it sucks and causes problems, right?

I know when me and my good friends fight that we’re too stubborn on both sides to apologize because we don’t think we did anything wrong (which we obviously did!) So until someone steps up and says “Hey, sorry I’m a mean b*tch and I hurt your feelings by telling you X,Y,Z can we be friends and eat sushi and guacamole and drink margaritas together again?” There are no pool parties. And no margaritas. And no bachelorette nights. Or S’mores cheesecake.

So I have a proposition. Why don’t we all take TWO WHOLE SECONDS to think before telling her: her boyfriend sucks, she really does look fat in those jeans, that she should just eat a salad for lunch, that you kissed the guy she has liked for a long time, that you spilled wine.. red wine.. on her favorite white shirt this past weekend, that you have to bail on her for your Sunday brunch because you made plans with a stupid boy you don’t even like that much, or that she shouldn’t post that picture of herself because its either unflattering, she looks self-absorbed, or she looks like a s!ut. Choose your excuse. Refrain from saying it! Whatever it is. The sushi dates are too important for your wellbeing.

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