Eyebrows on Fleek

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Eyebrows — one of the most crucial facial features we possess. They accentuate emotions. They add symmetry to your face. They highlight your eyes. They are very important. We’ve been getting a lot of messages lately about how to shape eyebrows correctly and we wanted to share some helpful tips with you!

1) Clean up your brows! Be nice to them. Get them waxed, tweeze them, or get them threaded. Do yourself a huge huge favor and make them look pretty so you’ve got a good base.

2) I prime my eyebrows to begin with.

3) Line the bottom first with an eyebrow pencil. Pick one that matches your hair color. After you’ve lined the bottom, line the top.

4) Blend. You don’t want just one or two solid, thick lines. You want it to look effortless.

5) Fill in your brows.

6) You’re done and looking beautiful!

My favorite products? Check out some of Sephora’s website for some of these amazing goodies.

Two Faced Bulletproof Brows is currently $30 from Sephora. I absolutely love this product. It’s amazing. You are able to shape and fill your brows without having to retouch your makeup all day long.. AWESOME! Sephora says, “This groundbreaking brow definer is a powder, gel, pencil, and setting wax all in one cashmere clay formula. It applies creamy, sets dry, and doesn’t move until you decide to remove it. Too Faced created this product to give women the confidence in knowing their brows will last longer than a day at work and a night on the town.” Skincarecrazed says, “Lastly, although my brows are full, my tails became sparse, and this product provides tails that that look just like real hair.” Though this product may be a little thick for some of you gals; I personally love it because I have dark hair.

Antastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pro Palette is currently $88 on Sephora’s website. Sephora describes the palette’s uses as, “Get long-wearing, smudge-resistant brow color with this Brow Pro Palette. Featuring 11 shades of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ signature Brow Powder Duos and a professional Brow Primer to create a base for brow pigment, it helps you create a subtle, defined brow look. Perfect for the makeup artist professional, this palette has light and dark shade for perfect color matching. Simply sweep on two shades to allow for depth, dimension, and perfect color matching.” This product gives you amazing versatility for all types of brows and skin tones. You can choose the look that you want and stylize it perfectly for your ideal look. Japjeet commented on the product stating, “Definitely something I recommend especially for makeup artists who deal with different clients! So glad this palette comes with its own primer. The pigment can last me all day long not worrying about it running. Worth every penny and will last long in my kit!”

Antastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel is $22 on Sephora’s website. Carol322 commented on Sephora’s website about this product stating, “This is the only product that will actually control my brows. I have long brows that tend to stick out and go all over the place and this is the only brow gel I’ve ever tried that actually glues them in place…” To use this brow gel, you want to first use the eyebrow pencil so that your brows are lined the way you like and have the right shape; once that is finished you can remove the wand and swipe up along your brow line with a thin coat of this amazing brow gel. You want to follow the hair growth so that it is applied correctly and gives you a smooth, finished look.

Still need some help using these products? We’ve included some of our personal favorite eyebrow tutorials from Youtube users!

We hope that you have enjoyed this beauty segment and that you now feel confident about how to accentuate your brows! Do you have any helpful tips of your own? Questions? Comment below!

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