Eye Brow How-to’s!

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Plucking your eyebrows hurts.  And if it doesn’t, do not admit to it, other girls will hate you. It’s up there with girls who don’t get cramps, never have zits and can eat five pizzas without gaining a pound. Just keep it on the DL, okay? Anyway, here are 8 tips to help with the post pluck pain:


Here’s what you’ve got to do!

1) Decide what shape you want long before you grab the tweezers. I mean it. Don’t just go pulling hairs all willy-nilly!

2) Pluck after you get out of the shower, the steam opens up the pores that hold the hair follicle. The wider the pore, the easier the hair will be to pluck.

3) Grab the hair as close to the root as possible. Do not grab the end of the hair to remove! Please you are only hurting yourself, literally.

4) Once you’ve got ahold of the hair, pull in the direct it is growing. Up, down, left, right, whatever.  Make sure to keep with the grain. This will help significantly.


5) Grab hairs one at a time.  You’re not pulling weeds, so just calm down and take your time.

6) If you have a really stubborn, out of place hair, try icing the area to numb it.  I wrap an ice cube in tissue and hold it against my skin.  This trick has helped me so much, I have very dark and thick eyebrows, and sometimes you have to really get it there.

7) When all is said and done, it may just be a good idea to walk away.  Don’t pluck when angry or sad or stressed. Apply the same rules you would to driving or texting an ex.  Put on an Audrey Hepburn movie and eat a tub of ice cream, but do not pluck. There are few things worse than over plucking and having to wait for the suckers to grow back.

8) And if you can’t be bothered grow ‘em out! Hey, thick brows make you look younger, so why not?

Want some products to help you out with your brows? Want to work on shaping them, filling them out, or trimming them? Here are a few we eyebrow essentials we love:

Cameo Perfect Brow Makeup Dark Brown is $6.99. Whitney, Amazon User, said, “I have very thin almost non-existent eyebrows. I purchased this kit to see if I could fill in the really thin spots and even blend it all over the brow to get a fuller look, and it worked like a charm!”

Body Toolz Deluxe Eyebrow Kit is $13.19. Mikayla shared on Amazon, “Great little kit. Tools all perfectly sharp, and pointed. Scissors not at all dull. Great for the price, and wonderful for shaping brows.”

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings Dark 0.15 oz for $31.99. Another user shared, “I have always been a Benefit fan, but this kit is by far my absolute favorite. No need for waxing anymore – this kit completely takes care of my brows.”

MAC Eyebrow Pencil Lingering NEW for $22.94. Anabel said, “I love MAC’s Eyebrow Pencil in the Lingering color. I’ve been using this for quite some time now and am now on my 3rd one. I agree with the other reviewer in that it doesn’t last very long. If you use it every day, it’ll run out in 1 month. However, it is a beautiful and natural color.”

Tweezerman Stainless Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush for $17.20. Brittany said, “This is the perfect brow shaping set. The scissors are nice and sharp and angled perfectly for brow trimming. The brush makes sure you only cut the hairs you mean to. I love this set. I couldn’t go with out it now.”

Too Faced Cosmetics, Brow Envy Kit, 0.28-ounce for $35.00. Katie said, “I love this kit it is perfect for filling in your eyebrows and getting them to be the perfect shape without getting them waxed. it comes with stencils so you can fill in the hairs so you can see what shape you need to get and just pluck what wasn’t shaded in. Plus it comes with a brush and a eyebrow pencil as well, although the pencil comes dark which doesn’t help if youre a blonde like me. The only downfall to this product is the high price of course but that’s expected with brand name makeup. It’s worth the money though.”

Revlon Diamond Grip Slant Tip Tweezer for $11.95. Laura said, “I was reluctant to pay the higher cost for these tweezers but I was so frustrated by cheaper tweezers that just let the hairs slip through that I went ahead. And I am so glad I did. I’ve been using this brand and style tweezer now for several years; eventually the diamond dust wears off and I have to buy another pair, but for ease of use and its ability to capture very short hairs, it can’t be beat. Well worth the extra investment. I have not had the problem other users report of breaking hairs. You have to tweeze slowly and in the direction of the hair’s growth and it works great.”


Need tips on anything else? Comment below, or take a pic of your dilemma and hashtag it with #cosmiamag and tag me @binkyoliva or @cosmiamagazine.  I’m always here to help!

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