Essential Graduation Beauty Tips

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Graduation is looming in the distance. Your life is about to change. Freaked out yet?

Well before you let the panic attack settle in, let me give you some advice. Graduation is not the end of the story, it is the beginning to an amazing adventure. Yes, it is scary. No, you won’t fall on your face. You now have plenty of time to explore the world, so take advantage of it. And while I can’t give you the ultimate advice to conquering the world, I can get you through graduation day. Here’s what you need to do:

Sleep: You may scoff and roll your eyes, but please sleep. No one wants to hear about how tired you look in all the photos. Plus, sleep helps with your nerves! You will most likely need to step on stage, and you do not want to be anymore jittery than necessary.

Skincare: The weeks leading up to graduation, take extra-good care of your skin. Don’t eat terribly and use less makeup than usual (this will give your skin a much needed break).

Hydrate: This will keep your skin and hair looking great.  Try water with lemon, or tea, if you find straight water too boring.  But make sure to stay hydrated during this time, the more stressed you are the easier to it is to get distracted and become dehydrated.

Ice: If you have under eye circles or a puffy face, trying using an ice cube to take down any swelling. When you wake up, rub the ice cubes in small circles across the puffy areas. When you sleep, your face naturally holds extra water, so the ice cubes will help with inflammation that makes you looks tired or swollen.

Hair:  When you get your cap and gown, test a few hairstyles to make sure you look good in the cap. Once you’ve tried a few styles, wear the cap while you walk around your house, you do not want it to fall off! If you want to take off your cap, make sure you can get it on an off without damaging your do.

Shoes:  You’re shoes are more important that the rest of your outfit, as they will be the only part people can see. They should be equal parts, comfortable, manageable and outgoing. Try for a pair of fun and loud kitten heels, or colorful wedges, if you’re having an outdoor ceremony.

Prep: The nights leading up to graduation plan out your outfit and makeup look.  Do not leave this till the day of. Do not!  It will make your life immensely more difficult.  I suggest a sundress and flats, it’s easy and flatters almost anyone. Make sure to have your nails done a day or two in advance, as well. Having a nice manicure will boost your confidence, trust me!

It’s okay: Remember, it’s okay! You can be nervous, you can cry, you can also feel completely fine and unemotional!  For the first two problems, I suggest you remember to apply deodorant, and wear waterproof mascara.

Double check: When you get ready for the big day lay out everything you will need.  Here is what I suggest you bring: A hairbrush, chapstick or lipgloss, some mints, sunglasses, a makeup bag, wallet, cell phone and your yearbook.

Smile: This is my last piece of advice for you! Slap on a grin and enjoy this milestone, it’s a great accomplishment!

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