Easy Gradient Nail Tutorial

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Give your nails an ombre look in three easy steps!



-dark polish

(“Do You Lilac It” by OPI is a gorgeous lavender!)

-light polish

(“Nice is Nice” by Essie is a milkier, pastel lavender)

-sparkle polish

(Essie’s “Sparke On Top” makes the perfect top coat!)

-rhinestones (optional)

(Available on Amazon)


Prepare your nails by removing any remnants of old nail polish. Once clean, begin to shape your nails but placing the nail file on the sides of your nails at a diagonal. Keep filing until you achieve your desired shape. If you have weak nails, apply a strengthening base coat to keep your nails from chipping.

1.) Apply the lightest color on the bottom half of your nail.

2.) Apply the darkest color on the tip, connecting with the lightest color in the middle. Create a jagged line when the two colors meet.

3.) Apply the sparkle polish over the two colors to blend them together. Focus the blending toward the center of your nail where the two colors meet.


If you’re feeling adventurous, use a Q-tip or toothpick to apply some nail rhinestones. Let your nails dry and voila! Don’t forget to subscribe to Cosmia’s YouTube channel here.

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