Dove Hair: An Ad That Empowers One Girl At A Time

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” Last year, Dove conducted a survey of 859 women in the US, UK and Brazil. Results revealed that only 10 percent of American women “feel proud of” their curly hair, while only four out of every 10 young girls with curly hair finds it beautiful.”

Dove is working to revolutionize the way we see ourselves and our curly hair! The Dove campaign supports finding “The best way to change how they feel about their curls is to show them how you feel about yours.” It’s great emotional support for girls who don’t feel happy with how their hair looks. Straight hair used to be the only ‘cool’ kind of style. We spend hundreds of dollars on straightening irons and product to tame curly hair, but sometimes curly is the sexiest thing.

Embrace it and support the Dove campaign. It’s changing hairstyles one girl at a time.

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