Cruelty-Free Summer Skincare

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Did you know that most products with SPF in them are tested on animals? Shocking, I know. So say goodbye to your beloved BB creams, tanning oils, sunscreen, and essentially every other beauty product you’ve ever owned. Seems ridiculous, right? How can all products with SPF be tested on animals? Even companies that claim they are cruelty-free deceivingly still test their products on animals. But no need to throw away all your makeup products and ditch society to live in a hippie colony where you only live off the air and dead grass. Trust me there are other alternatives.

As I was walking with my friends in the mall, we decided to stop by American Apparel to take a look. As I was purchasing a cute new pair of socks, one of the store employees gave me a full lowdown on the truth about SPF. I was speechless and completely shocked. So that day I went home and decided to do full research on this topic. The store employee was right—sunscreens are categorized as over the counter drugs, not cosmetics. So the FDA requires many companies’ products with SPF in them to be tested on animals (whether it’s a cosmetic or an over the counter drug like sunscreen). I honestly couldn’t believe it. The “cruelty-free” companies I trusted for years weren’t actually cruelty-free? Some companies can claim that they don’t test on animals, but really they use animal products in the ingredients. So I went online to and researched which beloved products of mine were tested on animals. Thankfully they had a list a 1,300+ companies that were cruelty-free! All I had to do was type in the name of the company and it told me if it was tested on animals or not. Easy, right? (Try it for yourself: I was soon disappointed to find that all Estee Lauder owned companies (excluding Smashbox, Sean John, and Aveda) are tested on animals. That means my favorites, including Bobbi Brown, Clinique, and MAC, all test. I could’ve sworn Bobbi Brown was a cruelty-free company! But the truth is, like mentioned before, some animal products are used in the ingredients, so it’s technically not cruelty-free. Or some cosmetics lines are cruelty-free, but not all products have completely been eliminated of animals testing.

Well luckily there are many makeup products and sunscreens that still contain SPF, but aren’t tested on animals. So you can still protect and care for your skin during the hot summer heat! Here are some (of many) of my favorite cosmetic/ skincare companies that happen to be cruelty-free:

E.L.F Cosmetics
NYX Los Angeles Inc.
LUSH Cosmetics
Alba Botanica
Anastasia Beverly Hills
Bath and Body Works (only limited brands)
Beauty Without Cruelty
Eco Tools Cosmetic Brushes
wet n wild
Too Faced Cosmetics
DuWop Cosmetics, LLC

Tip: When shopping for beauty products, check to see if there’s a labels that looks like these on it. That means it’s completely vegan/or cruelty free!


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