Best Apps This Summer

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You don’t leave your house without your phone, and why would you? But with a potential infinity of knowledge just past the swipe of a screen, why not make the most of what your phone has to offer? These are a few apps that have transformed my lifestyle (for the better! Hence why I’m not mentioning Instagram or Tumblr… I’ll also spare you of given features such as the weather app).

unnamed-1Bandsintown: I basically go to at least one concert every other month, but how could I even consider doing so without an awareness of what local venues have to offer? This app is incredible—a one-up to live nation—because it actually scans your iTunes library and tracks your personalized list of artists to alert you when a concert is announced. You’ll get a notification along with an email to keep you in the loop with your favorite bands. And before the hipsters stick their noses in the air, chanting their mantra of ‘my music is too obscure’ let me tell you, I have yet to be disappointed by not finding an artist (even my ridiculous hipster fix).

unnamed-28Tracks: The soundtrack to your life comprised entirely of playlists made by fellow users. I think we’re all a bit over Pandora and its commercials played periodically between the same 20 songs. But we idolized this app because it served a purpose: to introduce us to music we willlike, based on music we already like. The basis of 8 tracks basically runs on the same dynamic, but adds a feature to fit your lifestyle. Go into the ‘explore’ tab and pick two different categories, be it a mood, a genre, or an artist and it will suggest a playlist that fits your criteria. There’s also the social media aspect of it that works in a way similar to Instagram. The more playlists you make, the more followers you’re likely to acquire and you can follow those with music taste similar to your own. You can also experience 8 Tracks on

unnamedThe Hunt: This app has recently been greatly commercialized by many YouTubers, so you’ve probably heard the name and seen the icon many times before now if you’re subscribed to a fair amount of beauty and/or fashion channels. The Hunt is an app that connects you and other savvy fashionistas in an online community determined to unite you and that shirt you’ve coveted since it rolled onto your dash. It’s as easy as uploading a picture of an outfit or a single piece that you may have stumbled upon (don’t you hate it when the source isn’t included?) and leaving it up to your fellow shopaholics to find either the exact item or one similar. You can also do your humble charity for the day by helping others find what they are convinced will make their lives complete.

unnamed-1Coin Flip:  I’m not even going to embellish the purpose of this one. It’s literally an app for those moments when you can’t make a decision, nor can you be bothered to scope out a tangible coin of your own. Welcome to the 21st century. This app (as well as all of these!) is free, but in total honesty I’d be willing to churn out $0.99 for my beloved digital quarter (the irony is evident).

unnamed-3Bloglovin’: Now, I never read any blogs before getting this app. I would hear the occasional ‘check out my blog!’ but never felt the urge to do so. Maybe because I knew what a burden it would be to bookmark all of my favorites—God knows I can’t remember the URL’s—and waste my days carelessly clicking through my routine dozen or so. This app compiles all of them and creates a feed to keep you updated with new posts. You can even follow Cosmia Magazine! Do not underestimate the beauty of a beach day scrolling through your favorite beauty, fashion, travel, and food blog posts.

I'm Alexea Malaletkin, currently residing in Southern California where I waste weekends either on my couch or at concert venues. I currently work as an editor for my school newspaper and will be majoring in either journalism or English language this fall. I am a food, internet, and rainy day enthusiast with a fervor for makeup and fashion. I draw a lot of inspiration from art, music, and movies-- all of which will most certainly make an appearance in my work here. Keep up with me on Instagram (malaletkin7) and Tumblr (