Back To School Bouffant

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Where did time go? It’s almost time for school already? Yikes! But don’t worry–we have a back to school look that can be accomplished in just 5 minutes. Keep reading if you want to know how to get this messy, feminine, retro look for when you’re in a rush!

1.) Start off with wavy/curly hair. This can be accomplished with hair rollers, a curling iron, or braids.

2.) Part your hair to the side if it isn’t already and tease at the roots for extra volume.

3.) Grab your head scarf/head wrap and tie it around your head. Tease the remaining parts of the hair so you can attain a larger bouffant.

(try something like this…)



(or this…)


4.) Flip your head over and place your hair on the tip top of your head as if you were going to make a ponytail. Instead of securing the hair elastic into a ponytail, twist your hair around into a loose, messy bun on the top of your head. The scarf/wrap should be thick enough to cover a large section of the back of your head, making it look like the bun is the only hair you can see on the top of your head. (see the photo above)

5.) Twist and loop sections of your bun around and pin them in place.

6.) Bring pieces of hair down to frame your face and curl them.

7.) Hairspray and voila!


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