An Open Letter To The Girl Who F*cked My Boyfriend

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Dear whore,

You know, at first I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you really didn’t know. I’ve been on the other side of it. I’ve been the other girl and have genuinely not known that the guy I was with had a girlfriend. Girls get blamed for the cheating too often, but this time, you truly deserve to be blamed for what you did.

It has become very clear that you knew exactly what you were doing when you innocently asked to hang out with him as friends. Showing up to his house with no panties on and climbing on top before he could say a word really sounds classy. When you are talking to my friends telling them that you think I am too stupid to figure out that you are trying to destroy my relationship and that you think I am too afraid to confront the situation, you really should have thought twice.

The funniest part about it all is when I confronted you about it, you said the one thing you hated most was a cheater. You would never be involved with a cheater because that is the scummiest thing a person could be. You texted my boyfriend saying “The only thing I hate is a cheater, delete my number and never text me again.” That’s good, that seems like you’ve got at least some morals and values… right? Oh wait, you had a boyfriend of your own the entire time.

It was really cute when your boyfriend posted a picture of the two of you kissing a day after this all happened. It was like some sort of beautiful revenge fell flat in my lap. I didn’t even have to go looking for it. So I told him, your boyfriend, what you did. I sent him the screenshots of your messages that you sent to me while you were trying to f*ck over my boyfriend for cheating, but also incriminating yourself. You got dumped.

He thought it was a little ironic that you said you hated a cheater because that’s exactly what you were.  It’s sort of funny to me that you got dumped because of it all. It seemed like you really liked the guy. Did you really think no one would find out what you did?

I have a few questions/ suggestions for you.

  1. Congratulations on sleeping with my boyfriend. Should I give you a prize or something? I don’t know who you really thought you were hurting by your actions. I am at the point where I think you hurt yourself more than anything. Me? Him? Your boyfriend? I think who you really hurt was yourself and your reputation. No one likes a girl who lies so compulsively. Do you really think any guy wants to date a girl who willingly cheats on her boyfriend to sleep with another guy who has a girlfriend? Nope. Maybe for a one time f*ck, but nothing serious.
  2. Do all of us, and yourself, a favor and stay away from men in committed relationships. I don’t want to question my personal health because you are a dirty person. I just went to the doctor and got tested at my annual exam two months ago. I have been in a monogamous relationship. You are screwing this all up. I don’t want your Chlamydia  or whatever you have since you sleep with everything that has a penis.
  3. And then on top of it, when I politely ask you if there is a reason I should be going to be doctor after you’ve openly admitted to having unprotected sex with my boyfriend, you immediately block me on all social media… that’s concerning to me. Couldn’t you be a little less slutty and say something like “I am so sorry again, but of course not, why would you think I have a disease”. You aren’t doing yourself any favors.
  4. Do you really think any of us deserve this? What if I went and slept with your boyfriend? That really hurts. No one wants to have another girl get on top of their boyfriend and start doing sexual things to him. Why would you even start doing that?
  5. How lonely are you? You seem a little pathetic to me. Do you have daddy issues? Anyone who whores themselves out like this, apparently on a regular basis like I’ve been hearing, should really be getting some psychological assistance.
  6. I understand the thrill of the chase, but eventually that thrill you get from sneaking around is going to wear off and you’re going to be sad and alone. It’s a great time when you’re in the heat of the moment, but consider for a second how many people hate you because you can’t control your own vagina.
  7. You think you’re sexy, but men think you’re easy. I’ve talked to at least 40 people about you in the past week and there was a consensus about what you were: desperate for attention and a little to over eager to spread her legs.
  8. Now I don’t just call people sluts. I don’t believe in shaming girls for their sexuality, but you broke a rule of Girl Code. You don’t do things like that to other people.
  9. Please be aware that you obviously have something wrong with your mental state. Enjoy your life and, do us all a favor and keep your vagina to yourself.



The girl who won.


Sloane is a twenty-two year old student at UCI. In her free time she enjoys cruising around Orange Circle in the antique shops as well as exploring Newport and Laguna Beach. She is studying Fashion Merchandizing with a minor in English.