An Open Letter: Dear Douche bag

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Dear Douche bag,

Thank you for wasting three months of my life. You know, there were way more productive things I could have been doing with my time than being in a relationship where I was consistently being lied to. I know you may not see it, but I don’t open up very well and I really opened myself up to you.

I know you would tell me that all those times we sat together talking about life and music and movies was something you believe you were honest about. However, the times we talked about being faithful and how badly you wanted a relationship seem to be all lies to me. Being faithful is a funny thing, it only works when both parties put in the effort and remain loyal to one another.

You, douche bag, did not do that. I think it is a good thing that you inadequately hid your lies from me because I could have wasted my entire life with you– at least I didn’t do that.

I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for making me realize that you were a waste of time, thank you for expanding my taste in music and for making me think differently about the movies I was watching. Thank you for buying me ice cream every time I wanted it, even though I’d probably be a premium member at Yogurtland by now if I had been buying it myself. Thank you for making me realize that I should guard my heart, but that it is fun to fall in love and spend time with someone. Even though you turned out to be a total waste of time and your lies will be something you have to live with your entire life, I realize there are so many better people out there for me than you. For that, I am forever grateful.

Enjoy your life.


The girl you let get away

Sloane is a twenty-two year old student at UCI. In her free time she enjoys cruising around Orange Circle in the antique shops as well as exploring Newport and Laguna Beach. She is studying Fashion Merchandizing with a minor in English.