50 Things That Are Better About Not Having A Boyfriend.

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  1. Flowers from the farmer’s market.
  2. Netflix in bed.
  3. Not shaving your legs 4 times a week.
  4. Puppies in youtube videos.
  5. Puppies in person.
  6. Chai lattes at the coffee shop down the street.
  7. Sleeping in.
  8. Not having to clean your room for him to come over.
  9. Eating takeout for dinner instead of cooking for him.
  10. Going out with friends.
  11. And taking sexy pictures together.
  12. And buying a cute underwear.
  13. And shoes.
  14. And dresses.
  15. Doing your makeup for no reason.
  16. And eating Domino’s pizza in your underwear.
  17. Inviting over whoever you want.
  18. Having great guy friends.
  19. Not fighting over your Instagram posts.
  20. Snap chatting the cute guy from class.
  21. Tinder.
  22. Going to the beach and tanning.
  23. And eating ice cream without worrying about being fat.
  24. Looking hot just to look hot.
  25. Yogurtland.
  26. Spending time with your mom.
  27. Notes from your best girlfriend.
  28. Being able to look at a guy and think he’s cute without feeling bad about it.
  29. Not leaving your house for a week because he isn’t making you.
  30. Not having to deal with his friends all the time.
  31. Unlimited girl time for wine and chick flicks.
  32. The bachelor.
  33. Getting your nails done.
  34. And drinking starbucks.
  35. Buying yourself presents instead of buying presents for him.
  36. Being able to go see the girly movie instead of the action one.
  37. Splurging without feeling bad about it.
  38. Meeting new people when you go out.
  39. Listening to whatever you want in the car.
  40. Not feeling bad about not wanting to cuddle all night.
  41. Or watch him play video games.
  42. You can post so many selfies.
  43. And watch all the guy like them.
  44. And know that no one is going to be jealous or yell about it.
  45. Tiny bikinis.
  46. Margaritas.
  47. Tequila.
  48. And tacos. Definitely tacos.
  49. And jacuzzis.
  50. And being able to live your life the exact way you’d like with no restraints.

Twenty-two and ready to live life! Viv attends USC and plans to graduate with a degree in Finance as well as Journalism. This pretty lady is also in love with working at animal shelters on weekends, going green, and spending her days doing yoga. You could say she is our eco-enthusiast.