50 Things College Girls Think When They Can’t Sleep

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  1. I am so excited to get in bed. Sleeping is awesome and today has been a long day.
  2. My bed is freezing, let me just warm it up a bit and get comfy and I’ll go right to sleep.
  3. Any minute now…. not as freezing but now I’m kinda awake.
  4. New text message. Damn you people. Okay, I’ll text back.tumblr_mgqpuu7E5r1ql5yr7o1_500
  5. Maybe I should create a “sleeping sanctuary” like they said… Nah, I like having my phone.
  6. Let’s check Instagram.
  7. Why is that girl wearing that? I need to send that in the girl’s group text
  8. *Sends screenshot* “Ew, can you guys even believe she is wearing that, in public?!” Let’s wait and see if they agree..tumblr_lvz4dmzaZD1r3ttf0o1_500
  9. While I’m waiting, I mind as well snapchat that cute boy from my psych class back. I need to take an ugly cute selfie. Then I’ll go to sleep.
  10. He hasn’t opened it yet, but I’m still not tired.
  11. Tumblr. Tumblr. Tumblr. Infinite scrolling does not do good things for me.
  12. I have to wake up so early. But I can’t go to sleep!tumblr_mkebt45bqH1s3ooaco1_500
  13. I am going to have huge bags under my eyes tomorrow.
  14. Oh my god, I hope I don’t already have huge bags under my eyes.. you might have been able to see them in the picture.
  15. Close your eyes, maybe you’ll fall asleep.
  16. This really isn’t working.
  17. Facebook is boring, why isn’t anyone up right now!
  18. I wish it was the weekend, then everyone else would be awake.tumblr_n4schpjAyy1stf85yo1_400
  19. Should I watch Netflix? I really want to watch the next episode.
  20. No, have will power. If you start you’ll be up all night.
  21. Tumblr. Tumblr. FOOD PORN– there is an entire tumblr page for this?
  22. Now I’m hungry.tumblr_meiodbV8yb1ro2d43
  23. I want to make a snack.
  24. But that requires me to get up and I just don’t want to do that.
  25. But I really want cereal right now.tumblr_n4sbhilO6G1sgncijo1_500
  26. But then my legs are going to be cold. I don’t want to put pants back on.
  27. Just close your eyes and maybe your stomach will stop growling.
  28. It is now past midnight and I am still awake.tumblr_n4r8rhXF3Q1tv9n07o1_500
  29. I have to wake up in 6 hours.
  30. I am not going to want to get up in the morning.
  31. I am going to look like a zombie.tumblr_mp7xporgAe1rb324eo1_500
  32. There is no way I am doing my hair or getting dressed tomorrow.
  33. And I am really going to need coffee.
  34. Ok, close your eyes. tumblr_mpnvo4qW4Z1qk08n1o1_500
  35. Think of something calm… like the ocean.
  36. Or trees?
  37. Or…. a bathtub?
  38. No, this isn’t working.
  39. But my pillow is so comfy. tumblr_lqlpbsVuHL1qkmpj8o1_500
  40. I guess I’ll just play games until I fall asleep.
  41. There is nothing interesting on the internet this late.
  42. My eyes are so tired.
  43. It’s a good sign I’m finally yawning.tumblr_n4ljeqQhJ61s2wzbdo1_500
  44. I wish I had someone to cuddle with.
  45. Maybe I’ll just get off this and close my eyes now.
  46. My blanket is so cozy.tumblr_mw2rvlOjjc1syeot2o1_500
  47. I really don’t want to wake up in the morning.
  48. Maybe I’ll snooze a few times.
  49. Hopefully I have good dreams.
  50. Good night.tumblr_m815odZAVq1roy1vho1_500

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