3 Reasons Why You Should Date A Cat Person

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There’s so many stereotypes for both men and women when it comes to being a “cat person”. Women are often categorized as overly-sensitive weirdos with incredibly lonely sex lives, and men, well, are essentially categorized the same. Much like their pets, cat owners are actually pretty lovable, and if you still believe in those “crazy cat lady” stereotypes, then you haven’t had the honor of dating a cat person.



1.) They’re excellent cuddlers.

Cat owners are by default seasoned snugglers. If you’ve ever seen a cat person cuddle their pet, then you know they posses the ability to balance a mix of firm and delicate hugs, soft kisses and head scratches, and most importantly nose nuzzles. If they can snuggle their cat the right way, they can certainly snuggle you the right way.


2.) They know what you want.

Having a cat as a pet, they know how to read body language. They’ve had tons of practice by discerning the subtle twitch in their cat’s tail that shows they’re going to pounce and the head nudge their cat gives that shows they want attention. So you’ll never have to ask much from your cat lover partner. They’ll know just the right time to kiss you by the way you shift your eye gaze or the way you fiddle with the zipper on your jacket. Non-verbal communications are their specialty.


3.) They aren’t needy.

Cats themselves aren’t needy animals, so cat owners understand the concept of “giving someone space”. If you want a “girl night” or “bro night” they understand! Plus they’ve become accustomed to being alone and independent. Also, cat owners don’t have to be up and about every 5 minutes doing something new or having to stay entertained. They’re perfectly content with just sitting and being. And if you can simply be with someone in silence and have it feel natural then you know you’ve developed a balanced relationship.


There’s a lot of perks to dating a crazy cat person. They’re sensitive and understanding and love to make you happy. So don’t be turned off the next time you meet a boy or girl who says they like cats! Perhaps they could turn out to be just the one for you.



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