29 Unique Date Ideas

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  1. Go find a unique coffee shop and spend the morning drinking lattes and listening to old music.
  2. Go fishing and see if you can catch any big ones.
  3. Write letters to each other.
  4. Learn a foreign language together.
  5. Go thrift shopping at vintage shops by your house.
  6. Have an 80’s movie marathon.
  7. Plant a little garden together.
  8. Go stargazing at your park with a bottle of wine and a blanket.
  9. Make dinner together from scratch and dress up! Eat your candlelit dinner and compliment how wonderful your lover about how great their cooking skills are.
  10. Have an impromptu living room dance party.
  11. Go to a national park and spend the day hiking together.
  12. Go to a cool local spot to look at all the city lights after it gets dark.
  13. Draw or paint together.
  14. Go do a photo shoot somewhere cool. Take some cool pictures of your man or girl!
  15. Dance in your living room together randomly. 
  16. Go ice skating.
  17. Go to a museum together.
  18. Rent a movie you’ve never seen before, and watch it with the sound off. Make up your own dialogue and story for the characters.
  19. Scrapbook together.
  20. Make a really gross and really cute couples video together because it’s adorable.
  21. Go to tide pools and see all the little fish.
  22. Around halloween have a spooky day where all you do is watch scary movies and go to a haunted house or amusement park in your area.
  23. Go to a sporting event like a baseball game or football game together.
  24. Go to an amusement park together and see how many rides you can go on.
  25. Do a DIY project together.
  26. Go to a mom and pop kind of restaurant and share dinner together and then go to art and photography galleries and look at paintings.
  27. Go to the beach and have a bonfire with lots of weenies and lots of s’mores.
  28. Go to a garage sale together.
  29. Go to a cool old shop or bookstore in the area and find a cool used book.

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