28 Things You Learn As A Single Girl

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  1. Sushi with girlfriends is sometimes way more fun than sitting in with a boyfriend on a Saturday night.
  2. Not shaving your legs for a few days isn’t the end of the world.
  3. Communication is super important when you meet people.
  4. ….Sex is also pretty important.
  5. Working on your game when it comes to flirting is more of a struggle than you’d think.
  6. Casual sex can be great, but it’s nice when you care about the person you’re sleeping with.
  7. Living on your own is a blessing in disguise, you grow up a lot.
  8. But you also struggle a lot because… well, seamless and netflix.
  9. If he doesn’t call, then he doesn’t call.
  10. Just like if he wants to get in touch, he will. Don’t stress about it.
  11. You are responsible for yourself and your own actions.
  12. If you fake it he will never get better.
  13. You don’t have to share your ice cream any more.
  14. And you can take up the entire bed.
  15. And sleep as late as you want.
  16. And you can have over whoever you want and do whatever you want and there’s no one there to judge you.
  17. And you can use all the hot water.
  18. Getting a text saying “heyyyyy” means I want to see you naked, not I want to date you.
  19. If you don’t like a guy, don’t feel the need to go on a date with him again.
  20. Eat what you want. Don’t feel bad about it. Who likes salad anyways.
  21. The best way to forget a one-night-stand is to just remove all evidence of that person ever existing… starting with their phone number, if you even got it.
  22. You will get a lot closer with your girlfriends.
  23. But you will also have to start paying for dinner again.
  24. Do things that boost your confidence.
  25. You can wear sweats and no makeup and no one is judging you.
  26. Tinder is fun.
  27. But you won’t find your husband there.
  28. You have more time to focus on the things you actually like doing.

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