26 First Date Moments You Should ALWAYS Avoid, Boys.

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  • Here are some real tips, from real girls about real first dates that were, how do we say? Horrible. Avoid these mistakes the first time you go out.
  • First date– worst date. We were in the movie theatre together seeing a f*%^ing action movie and he goes ‘So, do I get a blow job?’ when we were watching it. Not once, but 3 times. And he was late to the movie.tumblr_n406zkLiFH1rewws5o1_500
  • It’s the worst when you go on a first date and the guy literally talks about his ex girlfriend EVERY OTHER WORD. Why are you even going on a date? Just go sleep with her again, man.tumblr_mr2qo7Km691scvx6xo1_250tumblr_mr2qo7Km691scvx6xo2_250tumblr_mr2qo7Km691scvx6xo3_250tumblr_mr2qo7Km691scvx6xo4_250
  • Girls should never have to pay on the first date. Don’t ‘accidentally forget your wallet’ in the car please.tumblr_m3tijmBn6g1r39tbvo1_500
  • If you are going on a first date, the girl is going to try. No question about it. This mean 2 hours at minimum of hair, makeup, outfit prep. 2 hours. Do not dare coming on a first date wearing basketball shorts.tumblr_mm3nghna671ru1wbho1_250tumblr_mm3nghna671ru1wbho2_250
  • Ordering for me… please do not order a salad for me, I feel like that’s really setting the bar for our entire relationship. I’ve been stressed and not eating since breakfast and maybe I want a big bowl of pasta with marinara sauce or something… hopefully you can appreciate a girl who can eat.tumblr_n2u9dx5Lbc1rv07a4o1_500
  • Don’t make plans after a date. It sucks being rushed when you’re trying to be romantic.tumblr_mmacc4eU7P1rknrf9o1_500
  • If you push for sex on the first date, don’t expect another one. No one wants a guy who’s going to f&$% ’em and dump ’em.tumblr_mf9jg1Yoay1rvygdxo1_250tumblr_mf9jg1Yoay1rvygdxo8_250
  • First dates should never be double dates because it’s really hard to clique and get to know each other. It’s so much better waiting for that to be another time.tumblr_n3h1unnJ1a1qj4315o1_500
  • Don’t you dare send me a dick pic after our first date. Or ever.tumblr_n3jxt3WKcJ1sqoeiio1_500
  • First date should not revolve around taking about taboo and obscure topics like, let’s say, aliens or video games or porn or something.tumblr_n44xxo8mT01tplrodo1_500
  • Drinking excessively will help you be less nervous, but please stop at 4 tops in like 2 hours. Otherwise it looks like you have a drinking problem.tumblr_mp9ojs3lKc1sp9fcho1_500
  • He referred to his ex as “That F&$%ing Whore”tumblr_n4503gbxgX1tq5997o1_500
  • When I found out he had a 3 month old kid on the first date. And he was 21.tumblr_n3fb3rLA2o1r3z3gbo1_500
  • That awkward moment when a girl who he used to date shows up at the same restaurant and the guy legitimately didn’t know she’d be there and got really sad and wanted to leave. The date ended okay luckily and there was a second one!tumblr_n0wn34KeL11qj4315o1_r1_500
  • Be sweet and open the door for me! Show me chivalry isn’t dead!tumblr_n2hvujk6eh1r3z3gbo1_500
  • I don’t want to hear all the kinky shit you are into when I am just not into you the first time we go out.tumblr_m70dwwt9ej1ru1wbho1_500
  • Please don’t be on your phone the entire dinner, there is no point of us being on a date if you’re talking to your friends and watching sports clips while I’m trying to get to know you.tumblr_mw8kamfcSF1qk08n1o2_250
  • If we meet online, don’t you date lie about who you are or what you do. It’ll be more embarrassing finding out later on that you lied to make yourself sound better.tumblr_mzmc8rSXnf1tqs1heo1_500
  • Talking about yourself the entire time isn’t a turn on.tumblr_n2t8q2cro11r3z3gbo1_400
  • He texted “I miss you!” when I went to the bathroom. It was our first date.tumblr_n3mtk3is4Y1s2rln7o1_400
  • When he used the N-word.tumblr_myl7xwkXt01rts9hwo1_500
  • If you ever get drunk when we’re on a first date, please call a cab and do not try to drive me home.tumblr_mksevsdoaT1qh7is7o1_250
  • Aggressively making out is never a good thing on a first date, leave it at a simple kiss. Promise, we’ll want more if you leave it simple.tumblr_n413kywIH41tw5trjo1_400
  • If we’re lingering in your car when you’re dropping us off it means we want you to KISS US! Lean forward and give us a little goodnight peck.tumblr_n42ihkCAeP1sk9siqo1_500
  • He fell asleep. At the table. While we were eating.tumblr_m66ut2ZxHu1rxtd6to1_500
  • When he told me my boobs were too small for a serious relationship, but asked if I wanted to have a “fun, casual thing.


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