25 Types Of Men You’ll Date In Your 20s

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1. The Spontaneous Guy Who Makes You Feel Free
He will be the one asking you to go cliff diving, helping you hop fences, and will be kissing you on the hood of some car somewhere while you watch planes take off at 10 pm in a restricted area. He doesn’t have to be the most handsome person ever because he makes you laugh and gives you some of the best nights you have ever had. These are the guys that help you learn about yourself and what makes you happy.

2. That Guy You Went On One First Date With That You Will Regret For The Rest Of Your Life

He’s the guy you meet through some friend or, more likely, Tinder that you go hang out and grab food with for the first time and realize mid-bite of your carne asada taco that you are making a horrible decision, that this guy is (A) not your type (B) has cilantro stuck in his teeth (C) is not what you envisioned at all (D) talking about something insane that is making you question your judgement when it comes to men. He’s the guy who gets his date interrupted by a “My dog just died and I need you right this second” kind of phone call or a “You need to come home immediately I just got dumped” type of call from your best friend in a desperate attempt to save you.

3. The Possessive Guy
He wants to know what you’re doing, who you’re with, and what you’re thinking about 24/7. It’s a little too soon for that, since you’ve gone on three dates. He’s the weird kind of guy that doesn’t want to make it exclusive with you and call you his girlfriend, but he doesn’t want anyone else to have you. He think you’re his property. He’s the type that wants a wifey that he has all to himself and all of the side chicks he wants.
4. The Guy You Totally Don’t Understand
You have done everything in your power to understand this guy and you can’t. He isn’t like anyone else you have ever dated. He is intriguing, but you can’t decode his texts or the things he says and you have no idea what he wants out of a relationship. He is the type of guy that stumps you, but that you love hanging around. Patience is key.
5. The Guy Who Thinks You’re His Girlfriend Way Too Quickly
You thought he was nice. You went on a date or two with him. You’re hanging out for the third time going to hang out with some of his friends and he looks over at you and smiles and says, “Is it cool if I call you my girlfriend?” You look at him awkwardly with raised eyebrows and a nervous smile and kindly ask to be driven home without trying to shatter his ego or his feelings by telling him that he is completely insane.

6. The Guy That Thinks Dating In Your Twenties Isn’t Something Serious

Here’s the type that enjoys his freedom, being single, casually dating, and having time to do the things he wants to do in life without the responsibility of having a girlfriend. Meet the guy that doesn’t know how to commit and is so caught up in the scene that he thinks it’s realistic to stay single for the rest of his life.
7. The Two Weeks In Deal-breaker Kinda Guy
You thought he was a cool and interesting guy and he turned out to be the exact opposite of everything you wanted in a man. You stupidly gave him your phone number at some party and he totally wasn’t your type but you thought “Hey! Maybe something new will be a good thing.” You were wrong.
8. The Guy Who You Feel Too Stupid To Date
There’s always one that will challenge you and make you think. They’re usually guys that are older than you that actually bring up topics of substance like world events and politics. They’ll be the ones sending you interesting articles and asking your thoughts on serious topics that require contemplation. You aren’t too stupid, you just aren’t used to being challenged. Learn something from this guy!

9. The Guy That Is Your Plus One For Everything

He’s the one you asked to all of the weddings, formals for sorority events, movies you desperately wanted to go to, and for all of the late night food runs you wanted to go on. He is a keeper, but most likely your best friend.

10. The Guy Who Is Totally Not Over His Ex

He thinks you’re a great girl, you get along so well, but he can’t seem to let go of his old special someone. He’s the kind of guy that you see so much potential in, but the constant mentions of this other girl drive you crazy and, not to mention, make you question how much he actually likes you. It starts with little side comments and then turns into a full mental break down about his regrets from his past relationship.

11. The Guy That Is Nothing But A Player

He is the type to make you swoon at the drop of a hat; he knows just the things to say and how to say them. However, we all know these type of guys and know that relationships with them are usually brief, if anything. Bet you’ll feel really smart when you don’t respond to the moves he has worked so hard to fines. You’ll be happier when this one is gone.
12. The Guy That Treats You Like A Goddess

He’s the kind of guy that thinks you walk on water. You can do no wrong in his eyes and he spoils you like no one else ever has. He’s the kind of guy that takes you to dinner all the time, gives you back massages, brings you coffee in the mornings, and sends flowers to your work. Everyone has got one. They’re great, but eventually the puppy love phase will probably wear off and you’ll end up parting ways.

13. The Friends With Benefits Kind of Guy

We’ve all had one of these at one point or another. He’s the guy that you think is super cute, but you really want nothing more than a casual fling. They’re fun, they get pizza with you and let you hang out and drink beer in your underwear, but you really aren’t looking for something lasting with them.

14. The Guy Who Looks Amazing on Paper

He is in training to be a political or a doctor. He’s handsome. He comes from a great family. He loves puppies. And babies. And he has great hair. And he can talk sports with your dad. So what’s wrong with him? He is the most boring guy you have ever dated in your entire life. You’d rather talk to a two year old than try to hold a conversation with this man. On to the next…

15. The Guy Who Is A Little Too Old For You

You’re twenty, he’s twenty five. Or maybe you’re twenty-one and he’s going on mid-thirties. It’s kind of nice dating someone with some stability in their lives, but at some point you struggle to keep up with the age difference. They’re ready to move on to a new chapter of their lives and you’re still lingering in your early twenties fun. When you’re getting ready to hit the bars, they’re looking for a girl to settle down with and (jeeze this sounds scary), but marry and start a life with. They are usually great, sensitive guys who treat you beyond well and have a certain kind of charm that guys your age lack.

16. The Guy Who’s Mom Means Way Too Much To Him

Mama’s boys: great, sweet, caring towards women… always putting you after their mothers. It’s great and all to care what your mother thinks, but at some point you’re going to realize that coming in second to his mom really sucks. She thinks no one is good enough for her kid and you think you’re the best he can get.

17. The Guy Who Is Never Around

He’s always too busy to sit down and hang out. You are on his schedule. He can disappear for days at a time and then you’re randomly get a text between 10 pm – 2am where you’re getting asked to come over. Then you start wondering: where has he been? The answer is, it probably doesn’t matter because he’s most likely a tool.

18. The Guy That’s Prettier Than You Are

He spends more time doing his hair and getting dressed than you do. You go in public and you feel like you’re the ugly one when people look at you two walking together. His hair is immaculate, his teeth look like a Crest White Strips magazine ad, and his abs make you feel like there are not enough hours in the day to go to the gym. He’s the kind of guy that takes selfies and posts them on social media because he knows he is good looking. You feel beyond self-conscious and there is no way in hell you want to be naked or in a bikini in front of him with the lights on because he is just that good looking…. and he knows it.

19. That Guy You Thought You Could Marry But It Was Wrong Place, Wrong Time
He was your perfect man. He meant the world to you and knew exactly how to make you happy but for some unknown reason, things just didn’t work out. He’s your ex that you think about regularly and wonder what they’re up to. He will always be important to you and you’ll always wonder if you had met him three years later if you’d still be together.

20. The Guy That Was Better As Your Best Friend.
You look at him and wonder why you stupidly thought dating was a good idea. You were great as friends. He let you complain about the men in your life and bought you chocolate and you watched football games with him. He could hang out with you anytime of the day, whenever you needed him. The awkward sexual tension between you got the best of you and you ruined the friendship by getting romantically involved. Never again…

21. The Ex That Becomes A Good Friend

He’s the kind of guy that you date and realize that you love each other so much more as friends. He’s a great guy and fun to hang out with, but it’s better when you aren’t romantically involved with him. It’s always hilarious with these guys when you become their wing woman and they help you out with your boy drama.

22. The Guy Who Is Your Boyfriend

He would do anything for you. He lets you steal all the blankets when you have sleepovers and knows how much your guilty pleasure TV shows like The Bachelor and Keeping Up With The Kardashians means to you. He is amazing and you are just enjoying the moment. Maybe you end up together, maybe not, but he is a great guy and you’re lucky to have him.

23. The Guy You Don’t Know What To Call

You like him. He likes you, you think. You hang out all the time. You don’t want to ask if you’re dating or just a hookup so you don’t say anything at all. There’s no title to put on it and it’s easier to just not bring up. You guys get lunch together, have cute little sleepovers where he makes you eggs in the morning (or at least kisses you goodbye), and you watch shows together all the time on Netflix. However, you’re way too afraid of screwing it up by asking what the hell you are.

24. The Guy Who Is In Touch With His Emotions

He’s great, he’ll talk about what’s on his mind and in the area of communication, you guys are solid. However, he is a little too in touch with his emotions for your liking. He’s sweet, but you feel like you’re dating a girl at times because you always know how he is feeling. It’s what we all want out of a guy to a certain extent, but sometimes it’s weird when you get it all at once.

25. The Guy Who You Friend-Zone All The Time, But Keep Around Just To Have

He is basically your b*tch. You feel bad about it, but when you need someone to go pick up your medicine when you’re sick and are craving soup, he’s there to get it. You get dumped, he’s there to help dab away your mascara and cuddle with you. You need to complain about anything/ everything, he sits contently and listens. He thinks you are a beautiful, amazing girl and I bet you think he’s great too, but you just don’t feel like you’re even remotely interested in being romantically involved with him. He’s great to have as a support system though.

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