39 Things That Play Into A Great Girls’ Night

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When you think of girls night, there are definitely a few things that are involved that every girl will get. There are lots of factors that fit into girls’ night, but here’s a few most people could probably agree with!tumblr_n41ei0grC31s2wzbdo1_500

  1. Depending on the girls’ night, you have to decide if you are going to get ready or not. If you are going out instead of lounging, it’s necessary to pick out a super hot outfit.tumblr_mdjpt8uo1n1qacbojo1_500
  2. You scour your closet and decide “I have no clothes.”tumblr_mmij2bBpG61qe33jto1_500
  3. You debate wether or not you should shave your legs. You decide yes. tumblr_mhazmjfqvQ1rjtoqho1_500
  4. You take a 30 minute long shower. Deep conditioning takes a long time, Ok?tumblr_n41b5vu4v81s2wzbdo1_500
  5. You go and start working on your makeup.tumblr_n3oby6Lbur1r16x88o1_500
  6. It’s a long process. tumblr_n3wcy4dMtu1s2r5hto1_500
  7. Your girls come over and you talk for 30 minutes at least about all the things that happened in your day. This includes the annoying girl behind you in class who thought New Zealand was a made up country, the hot boy at the gym who you think you looked ugly in front of, what funny thing was said at Starbucks, and the annoying drivers of the day.tumblr_n3ke23sPId1sfky1xo1_500
  8. You get ready and keep doing your makeup and hair and try to decide if it’s a curly or straight day.tumblr_n452qvwn7R1slf98uo1_500
  9. All of them are coming over, time to put your happy face on!tumblr_n417u9mIlB1slx38no1_500 tumblr_mw25nys0zo1r647c2o1_500
  10. All your girlfriends pick out an outfit for you so you look hot. tumblr_n44m9cPlHB1qdi6omo1_500
  11. You keep talking.tumblr_n4588qlyB41rhu3l8o1_400
  12. All of you decide you look hot enough to go out. Make your finishing touches. tumblr_mzb5szB2Hw1s7gykyo1_500
  13. Someone who has no boobs makes a comment to the friend that does have boobs about “why they got all the luck”??tumblr_n3hsejoHdw1r96rxxo1_500
  14. You leave 2 hours later after everyone has their lipstick and push up bras on because, let’s be real, all girls want to look hot for ladies’ night out. You don’t want to be the one ugly, sloppy friend. Even though boys can’t touch tonight, you still wanna be looking finnneeeee.tumblr_n3nxhmaQhL1rmo4cjo1_400
  15. You go out to dinner at 7:30 and eat your food. There’s the friend who will always order salad and the friend who orders fettuccine alfredo every time.tumblr_n3yh0a2Mqq1sp3cr7o1_500
  16. You talk about life and your hot waiter when he isn’t bringing you more water and bread (that you keep eating so he has to come back over)tumblr_n389ub2X9J1rpxsfmo1_500
  17. Then it’s time to talk men. Let’s be real.tumblr_n3se0bZn2Q1sk8osuo1_500
  18. So everyone talks about their sex life and relationship problems. And there’s always a story about that b*$%# of an ex that everyone hates.tumblr_n3xn3qeGsS1trod3jo1_500
  19. You finish dinner and have to go reapply the lipgloss.tumblr_n3ruj3KIg91txdx8mo1_500
  20. Time to go get your drank on… so you head to the bar or club or party.tumblr_mn5ydvQFPv1rkz645o1_400
  21. Appletinis for everyone!! tumblr_m4bp3smy4r1rnb42io1_500
  22. Until someone wants to do tequila shots.tumblr_n3jpe2kSiP1sbzfero1_400
  23. You have your friends who’re all special in their own way:tumblr_mw4ho24jd91rqd9g8o1_500
  24. Hold their alcohol well and want everyone to keep taking shotstumblr_n3vupn2hiS1s0a1zho1_500
  25. …Your friend who talks a lot when they drink.tumblr_n0kusmp2n61s9l6yxo1_500
  26. … The friend who always has the camera out #selfietumblr_n3venveEeL1tw5bpeo1_250
  27.  Your friend who is cryingtumblr_mydmacpVo91r5lshvo1_400
  28. …Or they’re puking, or falling overtumblr_n3lurvBwZd1re6fauo1_400
  29. ...The funny one.tumblr_n341kp4eos1sqoeiio1_500
  30. …The drunk textertumblr_n44si5ClRe1snwd65o1_500
  31. … The one with a short temper who likes to pick fights and complaintumblr_n3otiddN711rznvc3o1_500
  32. the flirt…tumblr_n3tunpO1TZ1txawzno1_500
  33. …And the world’s greatest dancer.tumblr_n3xbrmHza11tq56pjo1_400
  34. You have a jolly good time getting drunk and talking and talking and talking.tumblr_n44k2qljI71sr0g9ko1_400
  35. You’re all dancing and some guy wants to buy you drinks.tumblr_n3wvaf3Nfu1sial0xo1_500
  36. It’s cool, until everyone yells “it’s girls night, really?” at the guy when they hit on the flirty one.tumblr_n2yq948QDB1qlxyddo1_400
  37. You take some pictures, keep drinking, keep laughing, until it’s time to go to sleep.tumblr_mpquwyaa5z1rb324eo1_500
  38. Catch a cab home.tumblr_n3u8w4zHhN1spqi3bo1_250
  39. Group text about everything all the next morning. “Did that really happen?”

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