20 Things Your Roommate Knows That No One Else Would About You

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Roommates get to really see how great and really how crazy you are. With that said, there’s a lot of things people would never know about you that you’re roommate probably knows a little too much about.

  1. They know how late you sleep in and how unproductive you are in the mornings. When everyone thinks you’re at the gym or being all studious, she knows where you really are. In bed. Snoozing your alarm.
  2. She knows the amount of junk food you eat. She knows the amount of cheez-it boxes you’ve opened in the past month and the amount of girls count cookies you’ve consumed in the past two days (B*tchhh we know you ate the whole box).
  3. She knows how many guys you’ve been hooking up with .. or haven’t been hooking up with. She knows exactly when you’re home and when you’re not so there’s really no way to be sneaky missy!
  4. She knows how many times you fix your makeup a day.
  5. And how many times you change your clothes.
  6. She knows how many selfies you take on snapchat before you send that one to the cute boy you like.
  7. And she knows all of your weird habits with technology… like that you want to post an Instagram 8 times a day, but you wait until the ideal moment to post it.
  8. She knows how your horrible sleeping habits (& how much you snore and talk in your sleep).
  9. She also knows all the drama in your life. Every little bit.
  10. She knows how much you call your mom.
  11. And who those friends are you just won’t text back.
  12. She knows your pet peeves like how you hate when the peanut butter runs out and the store is closed.
  13. And she knows how much you enjoy wearing half your clothes around the house. Underwear are pants right??
  14. She knows who that guy is that you’ve been on and off with forever but that you don’t want to admit that you love to hang out with.
  15. And she knows how often you order take out food.
  16. And how many cartons of noodles and white rice you ate last week.
  17. She also knows when you’ve put on 5 pounds.
  18. And the amount of wine you drink alone.
  19. She knows you listen to obnoxious music sometimes and won’t let anyone else hear it.
  20. And she knows how much you love her.

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